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    Indiana University requests that all athlete agents or advisors who are interested in representing its student-athletes complete a Agent Registration Form for Indiana University and provide a copy of their State of Indiana agent license, copies of professional league players' association applications for those associations in which they are members, a resume, a list of references, and a list of current and former clients to the athletic department in care of the Compliance Office.

    All correspondence from athlete agents or advisors to any IU student-athlete should be sent to the IU Athletics Compliance Office at 1001 East 17th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408-1590 in duplicate. The original will be given to the student-athlete's head coach, and the duplicate will be kept in the Compliance Office.

    Indiana Athletics will not provide the addresses or telephone numbers of student-athletes. We request all agents and advisors to refrain from telephone contact with IU student-athletes, or their parents and relatives until the student-athlete has exhausted his or her NCAA eligibility. In-person meetings with current IU student athletes will be allowed only if each of the following conditions are satisfied: the completed Agent Registration Form and all necessary documentation is filed with the Compliance Office; meetings are scheduled through the student-athlete's Head Coach in conjunction with the Compliance Office; and a member of the student-athlete's coaching staff is present during any meeting. Please review the following information to ensure your conduct is within all applicable rules.

    Indiana University Agent Registration Form
    Agent Information from the NCAA
    Indiana State Agent Law
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