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    Gamblers Grow Interested in Women's Basketball

    By Marty Toohey

    In the Latest Line section of most daily newspapers, one can find point spreads for nearly every sport: NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, NCAA football and men's basketball.

    NCAA women's basketball will not be found there, however. The Las Vegas gambling community has, for years, ignored women's basketball, and the sport was free of any influences associated with organized gambling.

    With women's basketball contests receiving more attention ... there is increased potential for problems.

    That could change soon. With its rapidly increasing popularity, women's college basketball could soon face the difficulties of being the subject of Las Vegas gambling, according to both the University of Oregon's compliance office and a recent study done by the University of Michigan.

    Although newspapers do not currently carry point spreads for women's basketball,"the sport is certainly getting more popular, so there probably will be some (point spreads) someday soon," said Bill Clever, the athletics department's assistant director for compliance.

    Last year, several Las Vegas sports consulting agencies established odds for the NCAA women's Final Four.

    A study by the University of Michigan on gambling among college athletes concluded that "the involvement of female athletes in gambling activities should not be discounted. "Although our findings indicate a lesser involvement by females then their male peers, this should not provide false comfort to administrators. As media focus and professional opportunities increase, the temptations and problems that face male athletes are likely to be encountered by females. With women's basketball contests receiving more attention ... there is increased potential for problems."

    Excerpts From:
    "Gamblers may grow interested in women's basketball", Oregon Daily Emerald, March 09, 2001

    NCAA policy prohibits student-athlete's from participating in sports gambling. If you believe that you, a teammate, or a friend may be involved in sports gambling, please seek assistance. Do not put yourself, your team, or your school at risk.

    Places for Assistance:

    • Gamblers Anonymous:
        Write to: Gamblers Anonymous I.S.O., P.O. Box 17173, Los Angeles, CA 90017
        Call: National Headquarters: (213) 386-8789
        Indianapolis Hotline: (317) 382-4950

    • IU Athletic Department, Compliance Office:
        Assembly Hall (Ian Rickerby, 856-6074)

    • IU Health Center:
        Call: 855-4011
        Counseling Services: 855-5711

    • Arnie Wexler:
      Mr. Wexler is a recovering compulsive gambler. He encourages calls from any students or athletes who believe that gambling is controlling their lives.

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