Gambling Prohibition

    Gambling takes away the integrity of the sport itself; it takes away the appreciation that the athletes put into the sport. Gambling can cause serious trouble; it can land you in jail. When an athlete gambles, the athlete is also possibly gambling away his or her future as well. It is a huge blow when a player on the team gambles and the team has to forfeit games, or lose a valuable player for a game that they have worked so hard for. Gambling does not allow the sport to show its own true colors, how the game is supposed to be played, which is not through point shaving and other methods of gambling. Bottom line, if you value your integrity and knowing that you did the right thing and worked hard for the right things, then gambling is not the answer - it never is the answer. It is better to take the hard way out and earn your true colors than take the easy way out.

    These gambling rules apply to every member of the athletic staff - conference staff, institutional athletic staff, coaches and student-athletes. When involved in a sports gambling scandal, you pay for it in more ways than you could have ever imagined. A loss of freedom ... a loss of eligibility ... a loss of respect ... a lost chance at a professional career. You have spent a lifetime working to get to where you are today. Don't risk losing it.

    NCAA Rules and Penalties

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