Compliance Question Of The Week

    What do we need to know about domestic transfers in to IU?

    Please pay close attention to the following things:

    - Junior College transfers have to take quality level, transferable English and specific degree-applicable Math classes which will COUNT as such. `Spelling 001', `Reading Picture Books' and `Adding/Subtracting' won't do it at IU.

    - NonQualifiers in their first year of Junior College may NOT be contacted in person either on or off campus. You may call them once per week and write/e-mail them only.

    - IU is changing much of its degree requirements, along with its admissions requirements, so information and timing is key, as always. Compliance will work with you as much as necessary, but we always need you to get us maximum info, transcripts, accurate info, etc.

    - Football, Basketball and Baseball all have a maximum one full academic year "no competition" rule for 4-year transfers. Big Ten rules also say that such individuals cannot travel with the team for that year.

    - Other sports are beginning to introduce some restrictions on transfers (tennis, volleyball) so please be aware of those changes by talking to us.

    International Transfers require a little bit more information.