Compliance Question Of The Week

    What's the new NCAA legislation that will come into effect this year?

    IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVE: 2009-10: FOOTBALL - Grad assistants must be within seven year of graduation or exhaustion of eligibility to qualify for GA role.

    2009-30-B: Noncoaching staff in ALL sports cannot attend high school AAU / club events where PSAs are competing in their sport (except for immediate family members).

    2009-35: FOOTBALL - No more than two IU coaches may visit a PSA's educational institution on any calendar day during an evaluation period.

    2009-74: Occasional meals provided to team by boosters may now be hold on-campus or in a home facility normally used for meals.

    2009-101: MEN'S BASKETBALL - Institutional coaches may have recruiting conversations during men's basketball camps and clinics (but no campus tours, no academics, etc.)

    Effective AUGUST 1, 2010: 2009-12-A: No requirement that undergrad SA coaches be within 5-year clock; SA coaches limited to # of countable coaches in sport. Can't get athletic aid if > 5 years.

    2009-14-A: BASEBALL - Any manager for baseball forfeits remaining eligibility in the sport of baseball.

    2009-29: Written `Permission To Contact' requests from student-athletes wishing to transfer must be granted/denied w/in 7 bus. days. Hearing required w/in 15 days of request.

    2009-32-B: Sports with recruiting calendars (not FB) now have unlimited calls to eligible prospects during any contact period. (Basketball, Baseball, V-ball, Softball, T+F /XC)

    2009-40: Letterhead may have only front side with color/pictures (anything), but blank on back. Only one piece per mailing. Envelopes plain with addresses only. No images.

    2009-42: Printed media guides & recruiting brochures cannot be provided to any PSA, parent or coach of a PSA. Can be sold to public. Can be provided electronically.

    2009-47: No written offers of athletics aid (e-mail, general correspondence, etc.) may be provided to any prospect prior to August 1 of their senior year.

    2009-61: IND SPORTS & ROWING - Olympic waiver exception Ss may participate at institutions other than the one they previously attended or graduated from.

    2009-62: IND SPORTS & ROWING - Olympic waivers now granted for up to two Olympics after end of eligibility or degree.

    2009-75-B: All incoming athletes must have sickle cell test or provide prior test results to training staff before any athletic participation.

    2009-75-B-1: Student-athletes may decline the required sickle cell tests by signing a written release prior to participation (tacked on to above bylaw)

    2009-77: WOMEN'S BASKETBALL - May begin practice 40 days prior to 1st date of regular season competition, with no more th=n 30 days of countable ARA total.

    2009-79-B: XC, FH, SOCCER, SB, VB - Team travel in nonchampionship segment is restricted to ground transportation only.

    2009-88: BASKETBALL - Permits incoming student-athletes to participate (one-time) in foreign tours in summer prior to initial full time enrollment, if declared fully eligible.

    2009-94: WOMEN'S BASKETBALL - Nonscholastic team participants must be residents of the team's state, or an adjoining state (starts Sept 1, 2010).

    2009-97: MEN'S BASKETBALL - An SA on aid after the departure of a head coach is not a counter if they no longer participate and stay at that school.

    2009-98: MEN'S BASKETBALL - Minimizes missed class time and return restrictions for team travel. FAR must pre-approve schedule and team travel plans.

    2009-103: FOOTBALL - Bowl "deserving teams" must have more wins against FBS opponents than overall loses.

    Essentially, there's no recruiting at IU camps, or as we like to call it; Bylaw 13.