Compliance Question Of The Week

    What can we do to try help our student-athletes avoid these types of agent-related issues? What can WE do to help?

    Well, unfortunately, as one Miami Hurricane player stated: "....he let his teammates down by doing that (taking benefits from an agent)", this can be hard to prevent. Let's face it; if someone wants it bad enough, no amount of rules education and in-your-face lecturing will stop it. And the agents/runners don't care. They like money.

    But, in a more positive fashion, the things that we can ALL do to help include:

    -TALK to your student-athletes about all this when t=e opportunity arises. Acknowledge it. Help them.

    -Keep your eyes open for dodgy characters; an unusual amount of people around a certain player or two; new and unexplained / un-introduced folks at practice, in the locker room, just "around". Do you know them? Who are they? Facebook friends?! Ya. Believe us, these people don't wear nametags or ballcaps saying "I run for Jerry Maguire" or "Ari Gold sent me" so be vigilant!!

    -Same for spotting things like your guys with new reasonable, but seeing your student-athletes with lots of jewelry, a new car, fancy clothes or electronics, when you kinda-sorta know they haven't got the usual resources for that...get to someone. -What about posh trips or costly vacations? How are they paying for that? Who's their sugar daddy? Follow the trail and show me the money (you knew that was coming).

    -Athletic trainers, strength guys, media folk -you often are as close to the athletes as anyone. Especially in summer when coaches are hands-off or exhausting themselves recruiting. Help us out. Listen, watch, interact because you can help this.

    -OK, ya'll - let's get it straight I'm as big a fan of privacy and minding your own business as the next anti-social, misanthropic existentialist, so we're not asking anyone to spy or betray anyone's confidence. But we're all in this TOGETHER! It's a shared responsibility and so as long as we're here, pitch in and let's not get blindsided by something we can maybe stop.