Compliance Question Of The Week

    I'm back, some of my team are back: I wanna go! What can I do to train them?

    Not very much. The fall sports who have already started pre-season are going for it and we wish them TONS of luck - M+W soccer play tonight - one here, on in the Fort. FH tomorrow.

    Otherwise, you may have NO required athletically related activity until MONDAY August 29th - and only after we have cleared your team to practice. If you plan to practice on 8/29, you need to make sure Mr. Matt Casby has your playing and practice season info in.

    Everything else until then is voluntary - and none of your incomers can do that without a physical first. Returners can do stuff on their own, and in individual sports, a coach can even be around if requested ...but not for incomers and not required.

    If you insist on having team meetings and other non-athletic activities next week, please make sure no CARA is involved and bear in mind that you'll soon get access to your SAs for a long time. Another day or two for them to be students won't hurt and might help.

    Any other pre-August 29th activities planned? Better ask us, and soon please.

      Check back soon
      Indiana Sports Properties