Compliance Question Of The Week

    What is athletic manager scholarship?

    Here are the IU Athletics Departmental rules on managers:

    12.2.4 Student managers

    Coaches are responsible for the selection and supervision of student managers in their sport. Compensation for student managers is charged to the sport `budget manager' allocation ($3,500 minimum per sport) and is given as tuition scholarship just like for student athletes. Head coaches should submit a memo (written or via email) to the Financial Aid Officer (Kathy Arnold) with the manager's name, student ID number and the amount of the financial aid award for each semester.

    12.10.6 Athletic Financial Aid For Team Managers

    1. Financial aid is awarded for tuition only. ( unless student has other tuition-only scholarships)

    2. Financial aid is awarded only to IU undergraduate full-time students (if a manager is a senior in his/her last semester, the individual need only be enrolled in the number of credit hours required for graduation).

    3. Financial aid for student team manager may be awarded during the academic year only and is subject to campus and federal aid guidelines. ( the longer you wait into the semester to award, the harder it is to meet all requirements) No athletic financial aid for summer school for student team managers will be awarded.

    4. The $3,500 budgeted may be awarded to more than one student team manager, however, there is a minimum of $500.00 which may be awarded per individual.

    5. Student team managers must be in good academic standing to receive athletic financial aid.

    6. Procedures for awarding athletic financial aid to student team managers are the same as those for student-athletes scholarships during the academic year.