Compliance Question Of The Week

    Question 1:
    What can we give to our student-athletes for their hard work "athleting"?

    Answer 1:
    Awards for athletic participation are listed at the back of Chapter 16, pages 210 and 211 in your manuals, Figures 16-1, 16-2 and 16-3. All awards have limits and conditions on them, and everything must be reported to the compliance office each year on the Awards form - found on the U:Drive. Any student-athlete who "Letters" (Coach's discretion) can get one of the four annual IU-provided awards (jacket, blanket, watch, ring) and after that, you gotta stay within the monetary limits. Marty Clark and the equipment guys can help with all that, and compliance is always here to answer questions. Always check before handing out special awards and such - and remember that only ELIGIBLE student-athletes may receive those awards.

    Question 2:
    What about a big banquet-type bash at the end of the year with everyone invited (including their dogs)?

    Answer 2:
    With Sport Administrator approval, a team banquet may occur and the student-athletes, staff and pretty much any IU employee can receive the meal in a complimentary fashion, assuming the budget can handle it and the coach wants to invite `em! Any recruit on an unofficial visit would have to pay and the meal be on campus, while an official visitor could attend as one of his/her official meals with all the relevant documentation and usual rules surrounding the meals on official visits. However, one important group of people gets the raw end of the deal on this one: parents and families of student-athletes. Unfortunately, none of the family members of your athletes can eat for free or at a reduced rate at your banquet so please make sure all those individuals pay for their meal at banquets.

    Question 3:
    What's the whole `participation' fuss about?

    Answer 3:
    Every sport has to carefully note which student-athletes participated in which events and with what status (attached, unattached, open, etc.) It is absolutely the responsibility of the individual program (coach, administrative assistant, etc.) to record accurately what their athletes have done for the season, and to do it while the season is ongoing, rather than trying to recreate and remember the info at the end. Media Relations helps, but need to keep their own independent record of who does what, where when and how. This info is vital in determining how many years of eligibility each student-athlete has used and how many remain, and it's almost impossible to recreate four or five years after the fact, as often happens round these parts. THIS form is an example of a template you can use, but you can also use your own version as long as the info is all there. Don't hesitate to ask questions when you got `em about this - with so much Outside Competition going on these days, we owe it to our athletes to keep accurate records.