Crimson Club

    Crimson Club is a completely FREE program for all Indiana students. Just scan your student ID at any athletic event and watch the points add up! As you reach the different H-O-O-S-I-E-R prize levels you will receive FREE prizes and EXCLUSIVE rewards!

    For those of you who are new to the program, take a look around at the rewards you can earn just by attending Indiana Athletic events!

    For details of the changes for this year, please visit our FAQ page. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming events!



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    Last NameFirst NamePoints
    Rath John 14900
    Wolfe Samantha 8400
    Urh Andrew 8000
    Green Rachel 7200
    Elliott Layne 6800
    German Michael 6500
    Neuhouser Davis 6400
    Rookard Landyn 6100
    Appelblatt Elyse 5800
    Vollmer Joshua 5500


    All members are automatically registered once they swipe their ID at the first athletic event they attend. By participating in the Crimson Club Student Rewards Program, students agree to allow the athletic department to publish their names on the program's website.

    Points will expire at the end of each academic year. Individual point totals are cumulative for the academic year Students competing in an athletic event and/or students working at an athletic event CANNOT receive Points for that event. Students can receive Points for events they are not competing in or competing at.

    Tiebreakers for the top point earners are determined on a yearly basis. Students must show their student ID cards when picking up their rewards. Students may pick up rewards for another student if they have his/her student ID to present. Indiana University Athletics Marketing reserves the right to rescind any applicable rewards in the event presented student ID card is deemed fraudulent. All IU Athletic Department employees and immediate family members are not eligible for the grand prize. All rewards must be claimed by May 10th, 2015 at 5:00pm. Rewards and sizes are subject to availability.

    The IU Athletic Department will designate Fish Bowl Games and Points. Members may not receive Points for leaving an event and re-entering in attempt to swipe at the conclusion of the event. Points may not be awarded to individuals that do not stay at an event for a minimum of 30 minutes/ before halftime. All Points, dates and times are subject to change. Check and the respective sport Twitter account for updates on game time changes or delays.

    ID Cards
    Students must present their student ID card at each event in order to receive credit. Students who forget their ID card will not receive Points for that event. Each student is entitled to scan only his/her card.



    Q: Who can participate in the Crimson Club program?
    A: All currently enrolled Indiana students (full-time & part-time, graduate & undergraduate) may participate in the Crimson Club program.

    Q: How can I get started with the Crimson Club?
    A: To start earning points, attend any designated Crimson Club Student Rewards game (All games are worth points).

    Q: How many points is each Crimson Club event worth?
    A: Unless otherwise noted, home regular-season events are worth 200 points. Men's Basketball and Football are worth 100. All events against Purdue are worth 400. Take a look at the Crimson Club calendar to see how many points each upcoming event is worth.

    Q: Where do I get my ID scanned?
    A: At Men's & Women's Soccer, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Women's Basketball, Swimming and Diving, Water Polo, Golf, Tennis, Track & FIeld, Softball, and Baseball events: In order for their points to be recorded, students must have their ID scanned at the Marketing Table. You will accrue points for swiping your ID card at the ticketed entrance at Men's Basketball and Football.

    Q: Do my points start over each time I pick up a reward?
    A: No. Your points continue to accumulate as you attend events. Each time you reach a new rewards level, you will receive an additional reward.

    Q: Do my rewards points carry over from last term or year?
    A: No. Crimson Club points are accumulated on an academic year basis that begins with the Fall semester and continues through the end of the Spring semester. Crimson Club points are cumulative from Fall to Spring, but not from Spring to Fall.

    Q: When can I get my rewards?
    A: Students may pick up their rewards at designated Rewards Pick Up events.

    Q: I forgot to get my card swiped at the Marketing Table. Can I still get points?
    A: The only way for students to receive points is to have their ID cards swiped at the Marketing Table. If you forget to do this, you forfeit your points for the event.


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