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    Lake Lemon - Lemonhead 2000Dale England Rowing Center, northeast of Bloomington, Ind., is the practice and competition site for Indiana Rowing. Indiana University owns 33 waterfront acres on Lake Lemon, a 1,650-acre man-made body of water in Monroe and Brown Counties. The lake is located 10 miles east of campus and is approximately three miles long. Indiana Rowing has developed a head race course as well as a 2,000-meter buoyed race course on the lake, enabling the Hoosiers to host races throughout the year. Additionally, Lake Lemon and Indiana Rowing hosted the Big Ten Rowing Championships April 30, 2005.
    Lake Lemon

    The Indiana University boathouse holds the crew's fleet of Empacher racing shells and rowing equipment. Since NCAA collegiate racing focuses on eights and fours, the team has built up an impressive inventory of top of the line, eight-oared and four-oared shells. The team also has a number of smaller shells, namely quads, pairs, doubles and singles, in which to practice and train. A carefully designed equipment turnover plan assures that all student-athletes are racing in the latest top of the line equipment, and that all equipment is replaced every five years. The purchase of a brand new racing eight each spring illustrates Indiana University's commitment to providing the team with the necessary equipment for speed. Lake Lemon Rowing Center

    While the facilities are adequate for the current team, the Hoosiers are preparing for the growth of the program. Construction of a new team support building began in the spring of 2005 as the first phase of a comprehensive program that will include an attached boathouse in the second phase of building. The new boathouse will increase the amount of space the team has for shell storage as well as provide additional workout space, video area, locker rooms and a shell repair bay.

    The Hoosiers also have two on-campus training sites in addition to the boathouse. The University Gymnasium is home to the rowing team's erg room and on-campus locker rooms. The erg room houses the team's ergometers, free-weights, thera-balls, medicine balls and various cross training tools for rowing. The varsity weight room in the North End Zone, is where the rowers work with the team strength and conditioning coach. At the heart of the North End Zone facility is the Student-Athlete Physical Development Center - one of the largest strength and conditioning centers in the country. The 25,000-square-foot area is located at field level and provides student-athletes in every varsity sport with access to brand new weight training and cardio equipment. The facility houses about 150 pieces of equipment, over 11 tons of dumbbells and over 40 tons of free weights for IU athletes to use.

    Directions to Lake Lemon

    From I-465 (Indianapolis Beltway) take Exit 4 for Ind 37 South/Harding St. Follow 37 South for 44 miles. Take the exit for 45 North/46 East toward Bloomington (Indiana University). Follow 45 North/46 East for three miles through several traffic lights. You will pass the Indiana University Athletic Complex on your right and the Indiana University Golf Course on your left. At the next traffic light, 45N and 46E will split. Turn left at this light, staying on 45 North/10th street. Follow 45 North/10th Street for approximately seven miles and watch for a green sign for Lake Lemon/Riddle Point. Shortly after the green sign, at the top of the hill, you will take a left onto Tunnel Road. Follow Tunnel Road for 2.5 miles. At the sign for the IU Rowing Center, take a right onto South Shore Road. Follow South Shore Road for one mile. At the signs for the IU Rowing Center and Lakeview Hills, take a left onto Beechwood Heights/Lakeview Hills Road. Follow this for about .5 mile. The entrance to the IU Rowing Center will be on your right.

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