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    In the interest of improving flow into stadium lots, we request you purchase a parking permit in advance from the IU Athletics Ticket Office (866-IUSPORTS). Advanced automobile parking passes are $15; RV/Bus passes are $50. The price for automobile parking on gamedays is $20.

    Gates 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 are reserved, prepaid parking. Gameday pay parking may be accessed via Gates 10, 11, 12, 14 or any of the grass lots for automobiles. RVs may enter Gate 11 andbuses enter at Gate 13.

    Football Parking Map

    Game Day Parking Lot Policies

    Indiana University Athletics welcomes students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests to campus. We want our guests to enjoy the football gameday experience in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment. We encourage everyone to please be respectful of fellow guests and to abide by our policies. These policies are designed to ensure the comfort, safety and enjoyment of everyone.

    If you need assistance in any way, please contact the nearest parking lot attendant, an Indiana University Police Department officer or a member of any other law enforcement agency who is assisting in our parking lots.

    Please adhere to the following policies:

    • Parking in the grass lots south of 17th Street is restricted to cars, vans, motorcycles, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles only. Large trucks, RVs, buses, and other oversized vehicles will not be admitted to the grass lots and will be assigned to alternate lots.
    • The instructions of parking lot attendants are to be followed. Only one space per car is permitted.
    • Erecting canopies directly in front of or behind vehicles will be permitted, as long as traffic is not impeded or additional parking spaces are not taken. Tents and large tarps are not permitted.
    • Trailer grills or other vehicle attachments are not permitted unless they are approved by Indiana University.
    • Couches, large indoor or outdoor furniture, and large sound systems are not permitted.
    • Kegs are not permitted unless approved by an official Indiana University caterer. Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted under Indiana State Law.
    • For safety reasons, consumption of all beverages should be from plastic cups/plastic bottles. Glass bottles are prohibited.
    • Parking lots are reserved for those attending the football game, and patrons who enter these lots are expected to attend the game. Tailgate activities are expected to conclude within ten minutes after kickoff.
    Parking lot policies will be strictly enforced by parking lot attendants, Indiana University Police Department personnel, and other law enforcement agencies. These policies are endorsed by: Indiana University Athletics, Indiana University Athletics Committee, Indiana University Dean of Students Office, and the Indiana University Police Department.

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