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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 22, 2006

    Following the announcement, Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan addressed the media.

    What is your initial reaction to the announcement?
    "This is a great day for Indiana Athletics. It's terrific, what we had hoped for - unanimous support from the trustees. We appreciate the good work of the President, university and athletic department staff. It's just a wonderful day for the Department of Athletics.

    Discuss the financing plan for the project
    "What we have done, we asked the IU Foundation, under the direction of Curt Simic, to help us with a feasibility assessment, meaning do we have the historical capability to raise the money that we need? That's pretty typical in major fundraising efforts. As we have hoped and envisioned, we have asked friends and alumni to make a verbal commitment for contributions. We have an opportunity to get in front of them with more than hopes and plans, but a true vision based on this vote."

    Are you concerned about the fundraising challenge?
    "I am not concerned that we'll get there, but it will take work to get there - just like anything else you do."

    What is the next step in this process?
    "This is a big moment for us. We will continue with our preliminary plan. Certainly the artists renderings and plans put forward the other day have to be solidified and finalized. Like any other project, we need to take the concept and what is defined as the program - how much space and where you have it - into a concrete architectural product that we can bid and then start construction. We will work hard to raise the money to make these not only new facilities but great facilities. That is an important consideration for us - not just add space but high quality space.

    Is this campaign part of the overall university campaign?
    It always is. The Varsity Club has historically raised annual giving to primarily offset scholarship costs. Some of the capital projects - Mellencamp Pavilion and others - expands hopes and expectations. We will ask for more significant gifts, work on pledges and try and grow the endowment. The larger and more successful your endowment is, the more it takes pressure off annual giving for scholarships. We are part of the Bloomington campus, and we will work with them on major gift solicitation and ask for their help and support to do what they can in terms of prospect identification.

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