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    Wendy Poppy  
    Wendy Poppy

    Assistant Athletic Trainer (Women's Soccer & Tennis)

    Wendy Poppy, in her 28th year at Indiana, is a native of Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with B.S. degree in Physical Therapy in 1973, and received her M.S. degree in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training from the University of North Carolina in 1985. During her tenure at Indiana University, she has provided athletic training coverage for men's and women's track and field, women's volleyball, women's basketball and cheerleading. She is currently the athletic trainer for Women's Soccer and Men's and Women's Tennis. She has served on both the IATA and GLATA Gender and Diversity Committees, and has been a FASE mentor at IU.

    Poppy was named the Office of Women's Affairs award winner for the Excellence in Supporting Women's Athletics for 2011-2012 and served as a co-author for The National Athletic Trainers' Association Position Statement: Conservative Management and Prevention of Ankle Sprains in Athletes published in the Journal of Athletic Training July/August 2013.

    In addition to her sports coverage, she serves as an instructor for "Therapeutic Modalities and Methods" in the graduate athletic training curriculum, as well as a guest lecturer within the graduate and undergraduate athletic training education programs.

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