Indiana University Track & Field 
                      Billy Hayes Invitational - 5/3/2013                      
                     Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex                     
                              Indiana University                               
Event 5  Women Triple Jump
 Top 9 to Finals with a Legal Mark in the Trials Round                         
 9m Board                                                                      
 Haugh Track: $ 13.92m  6/7/1997    Suzette Lee, Louisiana State Univ.         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind          
  1 Smith, Shalesa               Indiana State           12.56m   2.7  41-02.50
     12.13m(1.7) 12.45m(2.2) 12.44m(2.8) 12.56m(2.7) 12.37m(2.1) PASS          
  2 Gehret, Rachel               Unattached              12.20m   2.5  40-00.50
     9.85m(2.5) 12.17m(2.7) 11.94m(2.4) 10.20m(2.7) 12.12m(2.1) 12.20m(2.5)    
  3 Leslie, Holli                Hanover College         11.00m   2.9  36-01.25
     10.86m(1.8) 11.00m(2.9) 10.92m(1.7) 10.06m(1.5) 10.70m(2.7) FOUL(2.8)     
  4 Imperial, Bethany            Lipscomb University     10.54m   3.8  34-07.00
     10.33m(1.7) 10.46m(1.8) FOUL(2.4) FOUL(2.5) 10.54m(3.8) FOUL(1.4)