Indiana University Track & Field 
                   Billy Hayes Invitational - 5/3/2013                    
                  Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex                   
                            Indiana University                            
Event 30  Men Discus Throw
 Top 9 to Finals with a Legal Mark in the Trials Round                    
 Weigh-ins from 12:45 to 1:45 Behind the Discus Cage                      
 Haugh Track: $ 67.62m  6/29/1987   Randy Heisler, NYAC                   
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Stein, Robert                Miami (Ohio)            53.25m     174-08
      49.05m  53.25m  FOUL  50.34m  50.99m  FOUL                          
  2 Pounds, Brandon              Indiana State           50.74m     166-06
      FOUL  48.60m  49.06m  50.74m  FOUL  FOUL                            
  3 Kyle, Shon                   Rend Lake College       50.70m     166-04
      44.59m  FOUL  50.66m  47.78m  50.70m  FOUL                          
  4 Ward, Houston                Lipscomb University     48.22m     158-02
      FOUL  42.41m  FOUL  47.07m  44.62m  48.22m                          
  5 Golen, Paul                  Miami (Ohio)            45.22m     148-04
      FOUL  FOUL  43.68m  FOUL  45.22m  44.20m                            
  6 Fields, Chris                Indiana State           45.18m     148-03
      FOUL  36.84m  42.42m  FOUL  FOUL  45.18m                            
  7 Stewart, Jeff                Rend Lake College       44.26m     145-02
      39.43m  42.49m  FOUL  40.20m  FOUL  44.26m                          
  8 Larmore, Greg                Rose-Hulman             42.95m     140-11
      FOUL  41.63m  42.95m  41.75m  42.15m  FOUL                          
  9 Arutoff, Keith               Georgetown Coll.        42.35m     138-11
      37.07m  42.35m  39.49m  40.53m  FOUL  FOUL                          
 10 Chowning, Dyrek              Unattached              42.29m     138-09
      41.18m  42.29m  40.76m                                              
 11 Bozarth, Michael             Centre College          41.69m     136-09
      40.27m  FOUL  41.69m                                                
 12 Applegate, Justin            Indiana State           41.43m     135-11
      FOUL  FOUL  41.43m                                                  
 13 Wilhite, Jamar               Marian (In)             41.26m     135-04
      FOUL  41.07m  41.26m                                                
 14 Duncan, Austin               Hanover College         39.26m     128-10
      FOUL  39.26m  FOUL                                                  
 15 Hunkeler, Andy               Rose-Hulman             39.04m     128-01
      36.33m  39.04m  36.15m                                              
 16 Hutchinson, Geoffrey         Unattached              38.63m     126-09
      38.63m  38.11m  FOUL                                                
 17 Wingler, Steven              Anderson University     30.80m     101-00
      29.42m  29.95m  30.80m                                              
 18 Keller, Stephen              Indiana University      30.13m      98-10
      30.13m  FOUL  29.66m                                                
 19 Prol, Hunter                 Anderson University     29.59m      97-01
      FOUL  FOUL  29.59m