Indiana University Track & Field 
                     Polytan Invitational - 4/20/2013                     
                  Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex                   
Event 33  Women Javelin Throw
 Top 9 to Finals with a legal mark in the Trials                          
 Haugh Track: * 58.28m  6/7/1997    Windy Dean, Southern Methodist Univ.  
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Wagner, Casey                South Florida           45.28m     148-07
      37.51m  40.40m  42.40m  42.84m  FOUL  45.28m                        
  2 Collins, Onalee              South Florida           39.99m     131-02
      39.99m  38.01m  37.76m  39.11m  38.02m  36.90m                      
  3 Dulman, Shelly               South Florida           39.15m     128-05
      33.25m  39.15m  FOUL  35.38m  37.81m  38.53m                        
  4 Carrozza, Mira               South Florida           38.11m     125-00
      FOUL  33.76m  33.93m  38.11m  FOUL  34.69m