Licensed to Indiana University Track & Field
                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 1/11/2013 01:17 PM
           Indiana University vs. Purdue University Dual - 1/12/2013           
                   Gladstein Fieldhouse - Indiana University                   
                               Performance List                                
Event 15  Women High Jump
 Opening Heights to be Determined Prior to Event
   Gladstein:  1.87m  2/6/1993    Connie Teaberry, Goldwin Track Club          
  Collegiate:  1.98m  3/13/2009   Destinee Hooker, University of Texas         
        Meet:  1.84m  1/16/2010   Ashley Rhodes, Indiana University            
     Name                        Year School                                
  1  Becker, Emily                    Purdue                      
  2  Kimoto, Emma                     Indiana                     
  3  Vukomanovic, Ivanna              Purdue                      
  4  Mackinnon, Mia                   Indiana                     
  5  Graf, Kathryn                    Purdue                      
  6  Maxson, Sarah                    Indiana                     
  7  Knott, Jordyn                    Purdue