Indiana University Student-Athlete Bill of Rights

    1. Cost of Education. Full scholarships pay all costs of the student-athlete's undergraduate education, including: tuition; room and board; books; and fees. Equivalency scholarships pay for specific elements (books, for example) and/or percentage of costs. Summer school, a fifth school year, and/or an "Olympic redshirt year" may also be paid for through scholarships when needed, available, and earned. Once approved by the NCAA, Indiana University will also provide as part of our scholarships a miscellaneous expense allowance to cover the full cost of attendance. While non-scholarship student-athletes do not receive full or equivalency scholarships, they receive all non-scholarship-related benefits provided to all student-athletes as set forth here.

    2. Four Year Scholarship Commitment Regardless of Injury, Illness, or Athletic Performance. Every head count scholarship student-athlete, regardless of sport, entering Indiana University receives a four year scholarship to ensure the time needed to earn an undergraduate degree. Equivalency scholarship terms may be year to year. All scholarships set forth in writing the amount, duration and any conditions of the award. Scholarship terms are not reduced unless the student-athlete voluntarily leaves the team, becomes ineligible, or violates a university or department policy or team rule. Any reduction of a scholarship's terms may be appealed to an independent panel of faculty members whose decision on the matter is binding and final. Scholarship terms will not be reduced because of a student-athlete's injury, illness, or physical or mental condition nor on the basis of a student-athlete's ability, performance, or contribution to the team's success.

    3. Lifetime Degree Guarantee. Indiana University has an unusual, if not unique, commitment for all of our scholarship student-athletes to earn an Indiana University undergraduate degree, even if they leave school early but decide later in life they want to finish. This extraordinary commitment corresponds to the similarly extraordinary commitment of time our student-athletes expend on athletics, in addition to academics, to meet the expectations of their scholarships. Under our "Hoosiers for Life" program, Indiana University will pay the tuition (plus books and fees) for an Indiana University undergraduate degree for a full or equivalency scholarship student-athlete who leaves school early to tend to a family emergency, pursue a professional athletics career, or for any other reason. Former student-athletes may take part in this program who: were eligible to play for at least two seasons at IU; were eligible and a student in good standing under university and department policies as well as team rules when they left school; did not leave IU to transfer to another school; and are readmitted to IU consistent with currently applicable degree requirements and other institutional admissions policies and procedures. Recognizing the inclusive philosophy behind this policy, even if the former student-athlete fails to meet all of these criteria, he or she can still participate in the Hoosiers for Life program if the Athletic Director finds compelling reasons for him or her to do so. Former student-athletes who return under the Hoosiers for Life program will meet with an academic advisor to create a degree completion plan (which they will be expected to follow) and will be supported by existing academic and learning services, just as they were during their time as an active student-athlete.

    4. Comprehensive Academic Support. Indiana University comprehensively supports all student-athletes to maximize their academic potential and earn an Indiana University degree. Every student-athlete:
    • a. Chooses their own course of study, major, degree, and the like with the support and assistance of a university academic advisor consistent with their ability to meet the applicable requirements;
    • b. Receives a graduation plan identifying individualized support services;
    • c. Utilizes the D. Ames Shuel Academic Center;
    • d. Has free access to special diagnostic and support services such as tutors, mentors, study planning, study tables, personality assessments, major and career development programming, learning assessments and services, disability support services, and the like;
    • e. Participates in Priority Registration to minimize academic and athletic conflicts and assist with graduation plans; and
    • f. Is protected by a faculty enforced missed class policy to limit to the greatest extent practicable how many classes student-athletes may miss due to IU sponsored competitions and provided individualized excused absence letters to any instructor whose classes do have to be missed.

    5. Comprehensive Health, Safety, and Wellness. Indiana University is committed to protecting and enhancing the health, safety, and wellness of all of our student-athletes. These commitments include, but are not limited to:
    • a. Providing every student-athlete through our sports medicine program comprehensive, high-quality medical, dental, vision, psychological, rehabilitation and related health care services for any injuries or illnesses relating to their participation in intercollegiate athletics at Indiana University at no cost to the student-athlete or his or her family (including payment by the university of any applicable insurance deductible or copay);
    • b. Providing without cost through our sports medicine program every student-athlete with an incoming comprehensive physical medical exam, including a CBC blood test, sickle cell test, screening echocardiogram, concussion baseline test, and the like;
    • c. Having a certified athletic trainer and/or medical doctor available for every team practice and competition;
    • d. Providing the services of two full-time certified sports nutritionists who provide individual and team based nutrition wellness support and education, including utilizing a private, non-invasive "Bod Pod" on the athletics campus;
    • e. Making available to all student-athletes (at no additional cost to those on Board scholarships) Training Table meals prepared and served under the direction of the certified sports nutritionists conveniently located on the athletics campus plus, at no cost to any of our student-athletes, Nutrition Centers with meals and snacks available throughout the day;
    • f. Providing a safe and secure environment in which to practice and compete, including securing these venues so that they may only be accessible to background-checked members of the Indiana University community;
    • g. Providing traveling student-athletes with quality transportation, housing, meals, and fair per diem;
    • h. Providing access as available to the NCAA Student Assistance Fund for special student-athlete financial needs (such as airfare home for family emergencies); and
    • i. Observing all practice and competition limitations and advocating the NCAA for additional "dead periods" to provide student-athletes with more time outside athletics.

    6. Comprehensive Athletic Support Indiana University comprehensively supports all student-athletes to maximize their athletic potential. This support includes, but is not limited to:
    • a. Providing top quality coaching and training;
    • b. Providing top quality practice, competition, strength and conditioning, and related facilities;
    • c. Providing cutting edge technology to access, diagnose, and improve individual student-athlete performance; and
    • d. Providing top quality apparel and equipment.

    7. Comprehensive Leadership and Life Skills Development. Through its nationally recognized Excellence Academy, Indiana University provides its student-athletes with holistic and comprehensive personal development from recruitment to commencement and beyond. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • a. Counseling and support on issues particularly challenging to student-athletes as they transition into college;
    • b. Leadership and life skills training through departmental programming, including the Indiana University Excellence Academy Speaker Series;
    • c. Specialized training to improve the individual student-athlete's social media skills;
    • d. Providing a paid summer internship experience for up to six student-athletes within the Department of Athletics through the Indiana University Excellence Academy Internship Program;
    • e. Receiving a blazer, which they may keep, as a wardrobe staple to wear at athletic or non-athletic events; and
    • f. Preparing student-athletes to transition to the next phase of their lives, including successfully pursuing post college employment through the Indiana University Excellence Academy Career Counseling and Placement Center which student-athletes may also utilize as needed during their careers after graduation.

    8. A Culture of Trust and Respect. Indiana University develops student-athletes to be the best they can be in an environment of trust and respect. No physical or verbal abuse or demeaning language or treatment is tolerated.

    9. A Collective Voice. At Indiana University student-athletes have a formal collective voice in the administration of intercollegiate athletics, and we recognize the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as that voice. Through SAAC, student-athletes are:
    • a. Annually provided a report by the Athletic Director on the state of the athletic department similar to that provided to the IU Board of Trustees and the Bloomington Faculty Council;
    • b. Provided the opportunity to meet with the Athletic Director every semester to ask questions and share concerns;
    • c. Permanently represented on the Bloomington Faculty Council Athletics Committee;
    • d. Permanently represented on the Indiana University Excellence Academy Leadership Council;
    • e. Represented on any search or advisory committees for hiring a new head coach or athletic director; and
    • f. Financially supported to participate in Big Ten Conference and national SAAC governance.

    10. Cutting Edge Technology. Indiana University provides all student-athletes with technology access, training, and equipment to enhance their academic and athletic experience and prepare them for their life after graduation. Every student-athlete is:
    • a. Provided their own tablet (such as an iPad), which they may keep, with appropriate applications to maximize their academic, athletic, and life skills development;
    • b. Able to access and utilize the Indiana University Excellence Academy Connect 24, a web-based technology that allows them to work from anywhere with staff to pursue and complete their individual academic, athletic, wellness, and leadership & life skills goals; and
    • c. Provided wireless access throughout the University and Athletics campuses and, to the greatest extent practicable, during athletically related travel and housing.

    Indiana University provides our student-athletes these rights as part of our commitment to their academic and athletic success as well as personal development and well-being. These rights are predicated on the student-athlete's compliance with NCAA, Big Ten, IU, and team rules.

    June, 2014.

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