Donation and Autograph Requests

    The Indiana University Athletic Department is honored to donate to numerous non-profit organizations throughout the community each year. However, due to high demand and NCAA regulations, IU Athletics is not able to support every worthwhile cause.

    In an effort to best process your request and support as many charities as possible, requests must comply with the guidelines listed below.

    Please understand that submission of a request, even if all guidelines are met, does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled.

    Some available donation items do require payment. Please keep this in mind when requesting an item.

    Donation and Autograph Guidelines

    • All donation requests must be submitted through the online donation request system and must be received at least six (6) weeks prior to the date your item is needed.
    • IU Men's Basketball will not be accepting any requests from January 1st through May 1st. Approved requests submitted by December 31st will be processed.
    • IU Athletics will consider the donation of head coach autographed items for charitable endeavors. Requests for items autographed by student-athletes cannot be honored.
    • As a result of time constraints and NCAA rules, requests for head coach and student-athlete autographed items for personal endeavors cannot be fulfilled. All Hoosier fans are encouraged to attend designated fan events such as Hoosier Hysteria and the IU Football Spring Game, among others, to seek autographs from their favorite coaches and players.
    • IU Athletics no longer accepts dropped off items from organizations or individuals for autographs; instead it now manages its own memorabilia inventory. Indiana University itself a charity and in order to be good stewards of its own charitable mission, must charge for autographed balls in order to cover the cost of the item along with processing and shipping fees.
    • To fulfill as many charitable requests as possible, each organization is eligible to receive only one donated item per year.
    • Organizations should not advertise availability of an item until the item is received by the organization.
    • Donated items may be auctioned only by the requesting organization and not sold outright.
    • All proceeds from the donated items must benefit the charitable/nonprofit organization.
    • Pursuant to NCAA regulations, IU Athletics will not donate items to any entity that serves prospect-aged individuals (grade 9 - 12, or 7 - 12 in Men's Basketball), such as high schools, high school scholarship funds or booster clubs, club sports teams for high school students, specific high school students, etc.
    • If possible, donation requests should include the organization's 501(c)(3) number and/or documents that provide information about the event or organization.
    • Please do not call or email the athletic department to inquire about your request. Once the online request form is submitted, DonationXchange will send you a confirmation email with a password so you can electronically track the status of your request.

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