2014-15 Governor's Cup - INDIANA VS. PURDUE

    The rivalry between IU and Purdue continues with the 2014-15 Governor's Cup. The overall winner of the contest will be awarded a trophy at the end of the season. Each sport can earn one point toward the overall championship. A total of 19 points can be won. The winner of regular season head-to-head competition earns the point for its institution. Should the teams split or tie in regular season competition the point is split between the two institutions. Purdue won the 2013-14 Governor's Cup, 12-8. IU has a 6-2-2 record against Purdue in the competition over its 10-year history. Governor's Cup
    If the two institutions do not compete in head-to-head regular season competition, the team that places higher at the Big Ten Championship will earn the point. Should they tie in conference championship competition the point will be split. In the sport of track & field, three-way meets that are scored as dual meets do not count as head-to-head competition.
    2014-15 Schedule/Results/Standings
    Sport  Date  Location  Points Results Purdue  Indiana 
    Volleyball Oct. 8 West Lafayette 0.50 PU, 3-0 0.50  
    Volleyball Oct. 11 Bloomington 0.50 PU, 3-1 0.50  
    W-Soccer Oct. 25 West Lafayette 1.00 IU, 1-0   1.00
    M-Cross Country Nov. 2 Big Ten Champ. 1.00 IU 4th, PU 9th   1.00
    W-Cross Country Nov. 2 Big Ten Champ. 1.00 IU 6th, PU 8th   1.00
    Football Nov. 29 Bloomington 1.00 IU 23, PU 16   1.00
    W-Basketball Jan. 4 West Lafayette 0.50 PU 86, IU 64 0.50  
    M-Basketball Jan. 28 West Lafayette 0.50      
    W-Basketball Feb. 2 West Lafayette 0.50      
    W-Swim/Dive Feb. 18-21 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    M-Basketball Feb. 19 Bloomington 0.50      
    Wrestling Feb. 20 West Lafayette 1.00      
    M-Swim/Dive Feb. 25-28 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    M-Indoor T/F Feb. 27-28 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    W-Indoor T/F Feb. 27-28 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    W-Tennis March 13 West Lafayette 1.00      
    M-Tennis April 15 Bloomington 1.00      
    W-Golf April 24-26 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    M-Golf April 24-26 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    M-Outdoor T/F May 15-17 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    W-Outdoor T/F May 15-17 Big Ten Champ. 1.00      
    Softball April 8 Bloomington 1.00      
          Total  19   1.50 4.00

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