Sports Medicine

    Medical Clearance

    New Student Athletes attending Indiana University

    To be eligible to practice and compete (including weight training and conditioning activities), all student-athletes must complete a three-part process: academic clearance, compliance clearance, and medical clearance. In order to be medically cleared for eligibility certification, student-athletes must have the following on file in the sports medicine office:

    1. A completed medical history questionnaire.
      • Includes past medical history, immunization records, etc.
    2. An approved Physical Examination to be done by Indiana University Sports Medicine.
      • IU Sports Medicine will facilitate the completion of all Physical Examinations.
    3. A completed health insurance form and a copy of the front/back of insurance card.
      • As permitted by NCAA regulations, Indiana University provides medical coverage for all injuries or illnesses sustained as a result of intercollegiate athletics directed practices, competitions, conditioning/weight training sessions and team travel. The Indiana University Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims will utilize the parent's or student-athlete's health insurance as the primary insurance coverage with Indiana University paying for deductible and out-of-pocket excess expenses as a secondary provider.

    Please go to the link below which contains the Sports Medicine Information Sheet. Please read all the information as it contains critical information regarding the health care of your student while they attend Indiana University.

    Sports Medicine Required Information
    **Detailed Instructions**

    This information is to be completed and received by the medical staff prior to the athlete reporting to Indiana University. *Approval for participation is based on a thorough review of the student athlete's Sports Medicine Medical Packet and their health status.

    All returning Student Athletes

    All returning student athletes must complete the following two items:

    1. Return athlete Health Review and Physical Examination
      • All returning student athletes will have a health review and physical examination completed by the IU Sports Medicine staff.
    2. Complete an Insurance Update Form
      • Please update the Insurance Information including a new copy of the front/back of your insurance card. Please use the link below to pull up this information. Proof of insurance must be provided, and proof must be maintained that the insurance coverage is eligible for the duration of the academic year for intercollegiate athletics participation.

    Insurance Information
    **Detailed Instructions**

    Contact information for Indiana University Sports Medicine:

    1001 East 17th StreetPh: 812.855.4509
    Bloomington, IN 47408-1590Fax: 812.855.1810

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