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    Indiana Athletics' Graduation Success Rate (GSR) is 81 percent, which exceeds the NCAA Divisions I and I-A rates, which are 76 percent in both measures. In addition, IU exceeds the federal rates in almost every sport, including football and men's basketball, where IU betters the national average by 12 percent in football and an astounding 36 percent in men's basketball.

    IU's rates also position the university well in the Big Ten Conference. Relative to football and men's basketball, Indiana ranks among the top three in the league in GSR. These results are consistent with other measures of academic excellence, as Indiana annually ranks among the league leaders in Academic All-Big Ten and Academic All-American selections.

    While we are extremely proud of these accomplishments, we have and will continue to utilize technology to generate proactive and efficient communication on student-athlete academic progress. We take a hands-on approach to emphasizing the first-year student-athlete experience, because statistics show that a good start strengthens academic retention and graduation potential.

    Indiana University's Academic Services Office has been serving Hoosier student-athletes since 1976. It ranks as one of the most progressive in the nation. Additionally, the office utilizes over 150 people within the IU academic community to assist with the individualized tutoring program. Tutoring is available to every student-athlete in all subjects. The University includes the Academic Services staff in all training sessions sponsored for campus counselors to keep the staff abreast of the latest degree requirements.

    The office includes advising meeting rooms, study areas and computer clusters for all student-athletes. Located in Assembly Hall, the office features numerous computer workstations and an area for student-athletes to study while waiting for practice or after workouts.

    The office provides the following services:

    Academic Services

    • Monitor the academic progress of student-athletes on a regular basis
    • Maintain a specialized tutoring staff available to student-athletes
    • Maintain a feedback system throughout the semester requesting professors to provide information concerning academic progress of student-athletes
    • Provide supervised study environment where student-athletes may meet tutors, work in small groups, and study in a quiet atmosphere
    • Coordinate various educational workshops throughout the semester

    Information Services

    • Disseminate information on all aspects of the University and give referral assistance when deemed necessary
    • Inform student-athletes of academic progress each semester
    • Refer student-athletes to the appropriate source for graduation status

    Counseling Services

    • Plan schedules each semester with the student-athlete to ensure compliance with the Big Ten/NCAA Normal Progress Rules and IU Regulations
    • Provide assistance in choice of major and career counseling
    • Counsel individuals concerning problems of a personal or academic nature

    Developmental Services

    • Support in making a smooth transition to life as a student-athlete
      • Making the transition from high school to university academics
      • Learning appropriate and effective advocacy skills
      • Developing strategies for balanced growth and development
    • Support in learning skills and strategies necessary for success in the college classroom
      • Private consultation with the Learning Specialist
      • Informal reading and study skills assessment
      • Communication and coordination with Academic Department Advisors
    • Support in making the most effective use of tutors
      • Developing effective strategies for use of content area tutoring
      • Communication with tutors to monitor progress and to consistently support skill and strategy development

    Other Services

    • Serve as the liaison with the Dean of Students for issues regarding academic and other misconduct
    • Provide counseling for any issue regarding transition to college life, academics, and athletically related issues
    • Serve as liaison with Residential Programs and Services

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