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    IU Varsity Club Celebrates Successful Completion of Fundraising Campaign

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    Dr. Charles Van Tassel, right, is presented with the inaugural plaque of the award given in his honor. The inaugural Dr. Charles Van Tassel Award was given to Larry Glaubinger and to Bill and Gayle Cook. At left is Joe Ford, president and chairman of the Varsity Club National Board of Directors.

    Dr. Charles Van Tassel, right, is presented with the inaugural plaque of the award given in his honor. The inaugural Dr. Charles Van Tassel Award was given to Larry Glaubinger and to Bill and Gayle Cook. At left is Joe Ford, president and chairman of the Varsity Club National Board of Directors.

    Aug. 9, 2010

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    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The Indiana University Varsity Club celebrated a successful end to the "For the Glory of Old IU" fundraising campaign at an event for its donors on Friday, August 6 in the Henke Hall of Champions at IU's Memorial Stadium.

    Since the inception of the fundraising campaign in 2005, the Varsity Club has raised over $94 million in cash or pledges, $14 million more than the stated goal for the five-year campaign.

    "We blew through a number that some thought was unattainable, said Fred Glass, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. "I think that's a great confidence builder for our department, our programs, our student-athletes, our university."

    "It is individual, personal philanthropy that is one of the secrets of the success of the American system of higher education, which is the greatest in the world," said IU President Michael McRobbie. "Every person that has contributed to the success of this campaign not only has contributed to the education and the refinement of the wonderful skills of our student-athletes, but you have contributed to ensuring that American higher education--and higher education here at Indiana University--remains the very best in the world."

    Contributions from the department's first comprehensive capital campaign have been and will be utilized for student-athlete scholarships and facility improvements. Of the $94 million raised, the majority of funding-$64 million-benefits student-athlete scholarships.

    Funding during the campaign also produced three new facilities on IU's athletic campus. The first facility, the North End Zone Student-Athlete Development Center at Memorial Stadium was completed in the fall of 2009. The 138,000-square-foot facility transforms Memorial Stadium into a horseshoe layout connecting the East and West stands, complete with a new seating bowl, concourse, concession stand and outdoor club area.

    Inside the facility are the headquarters for IU football, featuring new staff and administrative offices, position meeting rooms, a team auditorium, and an underground walkway to football practice fields.

    A key component of the new facility is a 25,000-square-foot strength and conditioning center. As the largest collegiate strength and conditioning center in the country, it is used by 640 student-athletes in all 24 varsity sports. The North End Zone building is also home to the Henke Hall of Champions, an entertainment space for special events that will feature permanent museum displays celebrating great achievements in the history of IU Athletics.

    Cook Hall, IU's new basketball development/practice facility, was completed in spring, 2010. Physically connected to Assembly Hall via underground tunnel, Cook Hall serves as the daily headquarters for the men's and women's basketball programs, providing them with a state-of-the-art venue in which to practice, train and condition. The 67,000-square-foot, multilevel facility features practice courts, locker rooms, a strength and conditioning area, coaches' offices and meeting/video rooms. Cook Hall is also home to the Pfau Shine Legacy Court, a unique museum/exhibit space that chronicles the history of Indiana Basketball with photos, memorabilia and interactive displays that celebrate IU's championship teams and basketball traditions.

    The Center for Academic and Student Engagement at Memorial Stadium is the newest facility. Scheduled to open in mid-September, this facility utilizes renovated space under Memorial Stadium that formerly housed offices for IU's football coaches and staff prior to the construction of the North End Zone facility. This new 25,800-square-foot student-athlete center is dedicated exclusively to enhancing student-athletes' academic performance. It features modern computer labs, three classrooms, an auditorium, dedicated tutoring space, staff offices for confidential sessions and a collaborative study area with a café.

    All funds raised during the campaign were provided from private sources-Varsity Club donors, former IU student-athletes, alumni and friends of the athletic program.

    The evening's program included campaign highlight video and remarks from IU President Michael McRobbie; Fred Glass, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics; Scott Dolson, Deputy Athletic Director; Bill Lynch, Head Coach of IU Football; Faith Sherrill, Women's Track and Field student-athlete; and Ned Pfau, a member of the campaign's Leadership Council. "You are bigger than your contributions," said Faith Sherrill, a senior thrower on the women's track and field team. "Although we may not know the name of each of you individually, as student-athletes we carry you into the classroom and also into competition. It's your relationship with this institution and this department that has made the biggest impact."

    In addition to celebrating a successful end of the campaign, a new award, the Dr. Charles Van Tassel Varsity Club Award, was introduced at the event. The award honors Varsity Club donors who exhibit extraordinary passion for IU Athletics and embody the traits of Van Tassel, who has dedicated his time, leadership and financial resources in support of student-athletes, coaches and staff.

    Recipients of the inaugural award include Bill and Gayle Cook and Larry and Lucie Glaubinger.



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