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    Fifteen IU Athletics Programs Earn Perfect 2012-13 APR Score

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    May 14, 2014

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - With 15 teams earning a perfect 1,000 APR for the 2012-13 academic year, Indiana University's 24 sports comfortably exceed NCAA required standards according to the NCAA's most recent multi-year Academic Progress Rate report.

    The 15 programs earning a perfect score for 2012-13 were men's basketball, men's cross country, men's golf, men's soccer, men's swimming, men's tennis, men's indoor track, men's outdoor track, women's indoor track, field hockey, women's outdoor track, women's softball, women's tennis, women's volleyball and water polo. With perfect multi-year scores of 1,000, the IU men's basketball, men's cross country, men's golf and women's tennis programs are tied for the top score nationally and in the Big Ten Conference. IU's men's basketball program was the only league hoops program with a perfect APR score and Coach Tom Crean has seen his squad earn four straight perfect scores, the only Big Ten men's basketball coach to achieve that status.

    "I want to congratulate our student-athletes, coaches and staff for embracing this high priority for our department," said IU Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass. "These are successes of which all of Hoosier Nation should be proud. I am thrilled that we have four more programs attaining perfect scores than a year ago."

    Last week, the NCAA also recognized the men's basketball, men's cross country, men's golf, men's soccer, men's outdoor track and field and women's tennis with an APR Public Recognition Award, which is given to high-performing teams that posted multiyear APRs in the top 10 percent of all squads in their particular sports.

    The Academic Progress Rate is a real-time measure of eligibility and retention of student-athletes competing on every Division I sports team.

    Noting The APR
    • The most recent APR scores are based on a multi-year rate that averages scores from the 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13 academic years.

    • For 2014-15 championships, teams must earn a 930 four-year average APR or a 940 average over the most recent two years to participate in championships. In 2015-16 and beyond, teams must earn a four-year APR of 930 to compete in championships.

    • The goal of the NCAA's academic performance program is improvement, not punishment. Not only does the program ensure accountability for student-athletes, teams and institutions, but also it provides fairness by considering individual circumstances per team and school.

    • This year marks the 11th year of APR data for most teams. The APR is a multi-year rate based on the most recent four years of data.

    IU Athletics Multiyear APR /2012-13 APR
    Baseball - 974 /965
    Field Hockey - 984 /1,000
    Football - 972/991
    Men's Basketball - 1,000 /1,000
    Men's Cross Country - 1,000/1,000
    Men's Golf - 1,000 /1,000
    Men's Soccer - 993 /1,000
    Men's Swimming and Diving- 984 /1,000
    Men's Tennis - 992 /1,000
    Men's Track and Field - 993/1,000 (Indoor)
    Men's Track and Field - 998/1,000 (Outdoor)
    Wrestling - 987/969
    Softball - 993/1,000
    Volleyball - 995 /1,000
    Women's Basketball - 966/959
    Women's Cross Country - 982/985
    Women's Golf - 985/974
    Rowing - 987/991
    Women's Soccer - 993 /992
    Women's Swimming and Diving- 988/988
    Women's Tennis - 1,000/1,000
    Women's Track and Field- 990/1,000 (Indoor)
    Women's Track - 990/1,000 (Outdoor)
    Water Polo - 995/1,000




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