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    Donor Spotlight: Painting the Picture with Dr. & Mrs. David and Susie Gregory

    Go Hoosiers! David and Susie Gregory
    Go Hoosiers!
    David and Susie Gregory
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 16, 2013

    Longtime Varsity Club donors, David and Susie Gregory have been loyal IU fans for many years. This year marks the 38th year they've held both football and basketball season tickets. They also have been to every single Final Four that IU has played in since 1976.

    While being loyal fans is important to this Columbus, IN, couple, they also share their love for IU sports in a unique way-- with paintings of proud moments in athletic history. We recently sat down with them to learn about their love for IU and how they've translated this love into art.

    Q: What inspires you to give to the Indiana University Varsity Club?

    David: Neither Susie nor I took an undergraduate class at Indiana University. I did, however, earn my M.D. from the IU School of Medicine in 1972. Both of our fathers were IU undergraduate students. My father formerly was an IU cheerleader back in his undergraduate days. Susie's father was a photographer for Arbutus, the student yearbook, and went on to graduate from IU medical school. Our three children are IU graduates and so the tradition and history of Indiana University runs full circle with our family.

    Q: What put you in position to become a Varsity Club Donor?

    Susie: David's hard work, dedication, and passion for his work is what put him in a position to generously donate to the Varsity Club. He was board certified and specialized in Emergency Medicine, retiring after 38 years of practice at Columbus Regional Hospital, in Columbus, Indiana.

    Q: What do you admire most about our student-athletes?

    David: We admire how dedicated the athletes are to representing the University. The amount of time and dedication they put into their schoolwork and training is truly commendable. They recognize the demands it takes to be a student-athlete and the stardom that gets associated with being a collegiate athlete. They know that their hard work and unassuming attitude will propel them into outstanding professionals in their fields.



    Q: Do you have a favorite current/past favorite IU Athlete?

    David: In a word: Shee-ladipo. Susie and I love the tenacity and diligence that Will Sheehey plays with every minute he is on the court and we love Victor Oladipo's energy, efficiency, and up-tempo defense. As far as a past player goes, we are very fond of Dan Dakich. Dan actually gave Susie a shout out on an ESPN broadcast saying thank you for a painting that she gave to him!

    Q: Tell me one of the times that you felt most connected to IU Athletics?

    Susie: On July 25th, 1981, David received a patient when he was working in the emergency room. There was a bad car accident just east of Columbus; a man lost control of his vehicle on a two-lane road, hit a culvert, and crashed. The man was rushed to Columbus Regional Hospital in critical condition. It was David who stabilized him and made the call to rush him to Indianapolis. This judgment call not only saved his life, but also saved movement in his upper body. He currently has mobility in his torso, hands, and arms. His legs, however, are paralyzed from the accident. This visitor was Landon Turner of the 1981 National Championship team. This was an extraordinary event that moved us to organize a fundraising benefit for Landon and we've maintained a special relationship with him ever since.

    Q: Regarding your paintings, where does the inspiration come from and how do you decide what to create?

    Susie: I have been painting for over 30 years now. I have worked with watercolors, pastels, mixed media and oil paints. My portfolio includes figurative, portraits, animals, landscape, still life and sports art. I have painted many fraternity and sorority houses over the years and have a poster called "Growing up a Hoosier," a painting I did of my godson Matt wearing IU trunks.

    Currently, I'm in the process of publishing my interpretation of the "Christian Watford shot" from the Indiana vs. Kentucky game on December 10th, 2011. After David and I witnessed the monumental moment in Assembly Hall together, I knew that I had to recreate it as we saw and felt it. I created an oil painting, entitled The Resurrection, named after the resurgence of Indiana Basketball into the national spotlight. I presented it to Coach Crean as a memento of the fans storming the court after that historic game. I am offering digital giclees of the painting through my website.

    Moments like these, along with what it means to be a Hoosier, are some of the more impactful feelings that inspire Susie. You may view her paintings at and they are also available at The Venue, located in Bloomington, IN.

    A portion of the proceeds of the sale of The Resurrection will benefit the IU Varsity Club. You can also make a direct donation to support student-athlete scholarships. Make a gift online now or donate by text.

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