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    Go Hoosiers! Assistant Varsity Club Director Carol Thoren
    Go Hoosiers!
    Assistant Varsity Club Director Carol Thoren
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 15, 2006

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Have you ever wondered how seating assignments at home football and men's basketball games are decided or how you and your family can get closer to the action? The Indiana Varsity Club and the IU Athletics Ticket Office utilizes a carefully designed Priority Points system to ensure proper consideration for the commitment and generosity of the Varsity Club's thousands of loyal donors.

    All Varsity Club donors can accumulate Priority Points in a number of ways including annual donations, endowed and named scholarships, longevity as a Varsity Club member, season ticket purchases, gifts to other areas of IU and more. For example, one point is awarded for every $100 Varsity Club gift, but a donor earns five points on top of that one point for every continuous year as a Varsity Club member.

    Carol Thoren is Assistant Varsity Club Director, a position she has held for the past 26 years. She is well versed in the academics of the Priority Point system, the funding of scholarships, and reserved donor parking, to name just a few of her many responsibilities.

    According to Thoren, Priority Points reward both financial gifts and loyalty.

    "We developed this policy which brings into consideration the number of years as a donor and ticket holder, as well as the total contributions and the current giving level. But to round out the system, points also are given for IUAA membership, Well House membership and contributions, I Men/Women's Association membership and gifts to other areas of IU, such as to the Kelley School of Business or the Jacobs School of Music."

    Mike Roberts, Director of Ticket Operations, agrees with Carol's comments.

    "Indiana University Priority Point Ticket Policy ensures proper consideration for loyalty and financial support as criteria for assigning tickets to Indiana University Athletic Events."

    To learn more about Priority Points, how to earn them and to see examples of the point system in practice click on the links below:

    Priority Point Breakdown
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    Priority Point Examples
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    For more information on the Priority Point system or to see how many points you have accumulated, call the Varsity Club at 812-855-0866.



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