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    Compliance Corner: Campus Visits

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Aug. 26, 2014

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The 2014-15 Indiana University Athletics season has officially begun! With the start of the academic year, all coaches are inviting future Hoosiers to campus for visits. While it is crucial to highlight IU’s beautiful campus, our game day atmosphere, and show prospects all that Hoosier Nation has to offer, it is also important to keep in mind the following NCAA restrictions with regard to your interaction, as a Varsity Club Member, with any prospective student-athletes who may be visiting campus.

    Contact: You may not contact potential recruits in-person, by phone, or in writing in order to help recruit them to Indiana University. This includes any arranged or in-person contact with recruits at tailgates, IU games or any IU events in which they may be present.

    Benefits: You may not provide benefits (meals, transportation, loans, or other tangible items) to prospective student-athletes or current student-athletes that are not also readily available to the general student population.

    Recruiting is vital in continuing the success of the entire Indiana University Athletics department. As a Varsity Club donor, you do your part in the recruiting process through your generous donations and in your overall support of IU Athletics. Please continue to help us attract top recruits by your attendance at all IU athletics events and by aiding in creating the best game day environment in the Big Ten Conference!

    Should you have questions, please contact the Indiana University Compliance Office at, or visit the compliance website. Thank you for your continued support in helping Indiana University play by the rules!



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