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    Student-Athlete Spotlight, Lindsay Vrooman

    Go Hoosiers! Lindsay Vrooman
    Go Hoosiers!
    Lindsay Vrooman
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 12, 2013

    Originally published in the 2013-2014 Varsity Club Annual Giving Campaign brochure.

    Every student-athlete has a unique reason for selecting a college. Now a junior on the IU swimming team, Lindsay Vrooman's reason was bowling.

    "I immediately loved the school, and during my recruiting trip, the major activity that we did was an '80s bowling night. It was interesting--all the girls were wearing the weirdest outfits I'd ever seen. And even the coaches came to watch, too. It was so great to see their light and funny side. I didn't see that at other schools."

    With multiple scholarship offers, Lindsay, a native Pennsylvanian, canceled the rest of her visits.

    "I knew I belonged here. There were a bunch of really great girls, and the men's team was great, too, so I knew I would fit in really well."

    But by choosing IU, Lindsay knew she was looking at a very expensive decision.

    "Looking at the out-of-state tuition, I was almost unable to come to Indiana." Luckily, she received help from Hoosier donors and the IU Varsity Club.

    "I don't have a full ride, but the money that I do have has really helped me. The money that's come from the donors was the difference in me coming here."

    Since her arrival on campus, Lindsay has achieved success in the pool and in the classroom.

    "Academics and swimming--you have to work really hard with both of them to get what you want. And I would have to say my proudest moment was probably this year, when they told me I was the Big Ten swimmer of the Year. That just set in stone how much I've improved since I've come here and what I still believe I'm capable of doing."



    Lindsay is now majoring in exercise science and will be applying for graduate schools in the fall.

    "We probably don't say it enough, but all the studentathletes are grateful. This opportunity changes lives."

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