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    Student-Athlete Spotlight: Max Kollin, Men's Golf

    Go Hoosiers! Sophomore Max Kollin
    Go Hoosiers!
    Sophomore Max Kollin
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 17, 2013

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Recently the Indiana University Varsity Club had a chance to sit down with sophomore Max Kollin from IU Men's Golf. Max talked about his experience thus far, and why he loves being a Hoosier.

    Q: What do you find most attractive about Indiana University?

    A: All of the athletic facilities are awesome resources to have. We are lucky enough to have a great practice facility and weight room, and it is hard to rival the academic center as well. The Golf Team Practice Facility is really second to none, especially for a northern school.

    Q: What was the biggest adjustment for you when coming to the University?

    A: Adjusting to the college lifestyle is very difficult and the classes are a lot different than high school, but my academic advisors and coaches made the transition so much easier. My teammates were a great resource as well, because everybody was a freshman at some point. We really have a family atmosphere amongst the guys on the team, which makes you feel at home.

    Q: As a freshman you didn't get a lot of opportunities to play, but now in your sophomore year you are one of the team leaders. What did your experience your freshman year do to prepare you for the rest of your career?

    A: I'm not going to lie; it's difficult not travelling with the team and missing tournaments. It was a bit of a shock to see how good players really are at the college level. That being said, it was an unbelievable learning experience. When the talent level is as high at it is in the events we play in, every shot counts. It taught me to fight as hard as I can, and not to give up.

    Q: How would you interpret the "Spirit of Indiana?"

    A: The Spirit of Indiana is boundless. No matter where we travel, there are always fans and alumni supporting us. It's a really rewarding experience meeting alumni and supporters all across the country. When we are wearing out team gear in the airport people always stop and ask us about the team, and how our season is going. All of the sports teams are extremely supportive of each other as well; we really are 24 Sports, One Team. Being from out of the Detroit area, I didn't know a lot of people when I arrived here. Now most of my closest friends play a sport here, and not just golf, but soccer, football, etc.

    Q: What does it mean to you to wear the infamous Cream and Crimson, and represent Indiana University when you play?

    A: It feels amazing to represent IU every time we step out on the course. At the same time, it is a responsibility to show everyone how we act and compete as Hoosiers. Coach (Mike Mayer) always makes us dress up when we travel, which I didn't totally understand when I got here. After a while, I realized how we represent the University everywhere we go, and that people are always watching. It's an honor to play here at Indiana University.

    Q: As a scholarship athlete, how do you feel you benefit most by the aid you receive from our Varsity Club donors?

    A: My scholarship has helped immensely. College is expensive and it is great to take that pressure off my family. The quality of education at IU is second to none and the resources we are given as athletes help us in all areas of life. We really are student-athletes, and Coach always stresses how important academics are. To be able to experience both the academic and athletic opportunities Indiana University provides is an unbelievable experience.

    Q: If you had the opportunity to meet the donor that provided your scholarship, what you like to say to them?

    A: I would say, "thank you so much." Donating to IU has meant so much more than a scholarship. It represents the privilege to represent Indiana University Athletics. As an out-of-state athlete, my scholarship has helped me tremendously. The donors have helped me chase my dream.

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