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    Priority Point Spotlight #1: Ambassador Referral Program

    When you donate to the IU Varsity Club, you support student-athlete scholarship opportunities in each of our 24 varsity sports. As a way of saying, "thank you," for making the big moments happen on the field and in the classroom, we're pleased to reward our generous donors with benefits and priority points

    Priority points are used to allocate priority seating at football and men's basketball games. At the Varsity Club, we frequently get asked about ways donors can earn more priority points. In this edition of Priority Point Spotlight, we'll highlight our new Ambassador Referral Program.

    In 2011, we launched the Ambassador Referral Program in response to many requests we've received throughout the years to reward those Varsity Club members who actively refer new donors.

    Indiana University has over a half a million IU alumni and fans around the world. Yet, the Varsity Club has approximately 6,500 donors to our annual giving fund each year. With an active staff of 14 individuals, the Varsity Club isn't able to reach every alumni and fan of Indiana University Athletics. That's where you come in!

    The Ambassador Referral Program is intended to spread the word about the Varsity Club and encourage other Hoosier alumni and fans to support scholarship opportunities for student-athletes.

    We challenge you to become Ambassadors for the IU Varsity Club! For every $100 donated to the Varsity Club Annual Giving Fund by the new donor, ambassadors will receive three (3) non-accumulative priority points. Non-accumulative points are awarded on an annual basis, but expire at the end of the year. 

    Ambassador points will be granted to your account in July based on contributions made by new donors in the prior year (July 1-June 30).

    Fellow Varsity Club donor Dr. Barbara Siwy has fully embraced the new referral program. "I was already promoting Varsity Club participation for many years," said Siwy. "The Ambassador Program has allowed me to earn points for talking to people about something I love!"

    For more information and Frequently Asked Questions, visit the Ambassador Referral Program website. You can also download the official Ambassador Referral Program Pledge Card (PDF)

    For additional questions, please contact us at (812) 855-0866 or email

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