Fall Baseball Update

    Go Hoosiers! Skipper Tracy Smith secured a huge victory off the field with the approval to build the new Hoosier Baseball Complex.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Skipper Tracy Smith secured a huge victory off the field with the approval to build the new Hoosier Baseball Complex.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 29, 2006

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind.-With fall practice in full swing, the Indiana baseball team has made some gigantic strides on and off the field. Most notably, the Indiana University Trustees approved an estimated $55 million in facility enhancements for the IU Department of Athletics, including the construction of the Hoosier Baseball Complex. The facility will be located just north of the Mellencamp Pavilion and Indiana Tennis Center and will feature a state-of-the-art playing surface, press box, indoor batting cages and bullpens. Likewise, the project will include new locker rooms and offices adjacent to the stadiums. Smith, along with freshmen infielders Brian Lambert and Jake Lowe, recently sat down with to talk about all the happenings during this busy fall season.

    Head Coach Tracy Smith

    On the Hoosier Baseball Complex:
    "It's something we feel is really going to help our chances to compete at the national level. Indiana attracts great student-athletes as it is, but this allows us the opportunity to expand our recruiting base a little bit more. To offer our kids a positive, worthwhile experience in a first class facility is something we have worked hard to make happen. I think it's something our kids deserve, and we look forward to it."

    On the support of his administration:
    "They have been behind this program since I started here last year. Voting to build these facilities really makes a statement to recruits, parents and current players around this state. I'm very proud of our Board of Trustees, President Herbert and (Athletic Director) Rick Greenspan. I think it will have immediate benefits, and it already has to be honest with you.

    On fall practice:
    "We have been a little inconsistent. When you have a lot of youth and new guys that is to be expected. But we aren't going to lower our expectations, they have to come up to ours. We just need to be a little more consistent this fall in our effort from start to finish."

    On his top priority this fall:
    "I think the mental mindset of being ready from the time we step on the field until we are finished. This is a game of failure, and we are just trying to teach our guys to take it one at-bat at a time or one defensive play at a time. We really have to work on our mental toughness."

    On the freshmen:
    "We are getting there. We have to grow up little bit as competitors, but we are going to get there. We're only a few weeks into fall ball, but I think they are adjusting to campus life and understanding college schedules outside of baseball. But once you hit the field, you have to let all that other stuff go and concentrate on baseball. I think it's learning the whole college that has been a big adjustment, but they are getting there."

    On the team's leadership:
    "With some of the older guys coming back, they have provided some good leadership models that the younger guys need to see in the professional approach they need to take. I think it will help shorten that learning curve a little bit."

    Freshman Infielder Brian Lambert

    On adjusting to college:
    "It's been taking some time. I'm adjusting smoothly, and I feel like I am getting there. It's a big adjustment."

    On adjusting to college:
    "It's a great university academically and athletically. Coach Smith is making this program exciting to be a part of, and I want to help turn it around."

    On what he is working on in the fall:
    "Everything really, from the field to hitting, bunting, making cuts and just making myself and this team better."

    On the 2007 season:
    "I'm looking forward to getting after it and playing games. We have played a lot of intersquad games. It will nice to line up against someone else and get out there and play."

    Freshman Infielder Jake Lowe

    On adjusting to college:
    "As far as athletics, it's difficult. Balancing practice and school has been tough to get used to, but it is something I am working on, and hopefully I'll get a grasp on it as we move on."

    On adjusting to college:
    "The campus itself is something that I really enjoy. The academics here at IU are great. Coach Smith has really made me excited in helping turn this program around."

    On the fall:
    "Everyone in this baseball program really works hard, and I think that is great. We are all working toward the same goal to turn this program around."

    On what he is working on in the fall:
    "My hitting. I just need to start swinging the bat better. Basically everything with the tough transition from high school to college athletics."




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