Dominican Daily Diary - Day Five

    Go Hoosiers! Out on the water
    Go Hoosiers!
    Out on the water
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 22, 2012

    BOCA CHICA, D.R. - The Indiana University baseball team is spending its Thanksgiving break in the Dominican Republic, and head coach Tracy Smith will be checking in daily with Here is the fifth entry into the Dominican Daily Diary...

    HEAD COACH Tracy Smith
    "Day off. What do you do on a day off in the Dominican? You go to a Caribbean Island. We loaded up the team in the morning and set out for Isla Saona. On the way we saw some pretty interesting things, but probably none more interesting than a man driving a car while leading a horse down the road. We loaded on a Catamaran and set sail for our hour-and-half trip to the island complete with dance lessons by some locals. I guess it was our conditioning for the day. After a few hours of sand and sun, we then got on three speed boats for our return trip. About half way back we stopped and swam (more conditioning). We finally loaded back on the bus to travel back to Boca Chica. The only problem is our bus couldn't make it up the hill...what a memory for the guys! Lights out early tonight for our big game against Escogido on Thanksgiving Day."




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