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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana at Ohio State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 13, 2009

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
    January 13, 2009

    Opening Statement

    "First and foremost, Ohio State was outstanding shooting the basketball tonight. You have to pay so much attention to Jon Diebler and Evan Turner and to their post game and you know William Buford is so capable of doing different things, but then he does, then Jeremie Simmons looks like an All-American guard in the first half they he shot the ball which was way beyond his numbers in this game. We were better than we were the other day and we have to find small measures of progress right now. We didn't put up resistance defensively and they took advantage of it. They have a tremendous ability to play inside and outside and space, they play like a veteran team the way they make the next pass and "they spaced us out some and we did some things that game them some trouble but it wasn't early enough. We just have to continue to understand that we have to come out ready for a fight at the very beginning where we have to put up more resistance defensively, we have to put up more pressure defensively, we have to be committed to the backboards and to the next pass and things of that nature. Unfortunately on the road, we have had all these situations where we have given into the game and at some point and time we realize we can compete in the game, but unfortunately, the other team has made a substantial mark as to how the game is going to be played and Ohio State did the same thing tonight. We had 10 deflections in the first half and 22 in the second, we gave up 11 threes in the first half and two in the second and we never got it past 13. We just have so many things to learn and this is one of these lessons and we are going to go home and get ready to play our next one. There is really nothing we can do except do what we are doing. We are a team that is trying to learn. We put in a new play to attack their zone at halftime, we were walking thru it in the locker room and our guys come right out and execute it. We put in an out-of-bounds play this morning and they are a smart group of guys who want to do well, they are hungry, but we just don't understand the fight that goes into these type of games when you face a good team like Ohio State."



    Talk about Diebler's shooting

    "He did a great job. They do a great job of setting screens for him. There is no question far and away, and Kyle McElharney (Notre Dame) probably had this title in our locker room until tonight, but Diebler does an incredible job of moving without the basketball. We had some miscommunications in places where we wanted to switch, but he moves so well without the ball, but our plan was not to come down and let him have open threes. Our plan was not to have Evan Turner get isolations where he can go to the rim. They did an excellent job. There are some times we were right there and some times we weren't, but we were aware that he is one of the top three-point shooters in America let alone the Big Ten."

    What does it say about Devan Dumes being able to give it a go
    "I think that is very much a positive because he didn't have any contact sine he went down after two minutes in the Illinois game. We came in last night and he didn't practice at all before we left, we got him here in the gym to shoot and the rest of the guys came over to shoot. He looked pretty good and went about 20 to 25 minutes. We walked thru at the hotel, we didn't do anything physical this morning, he shot the ball and went right back at it so I think he gritted it out pretty good. He cramped up a little bit, he is sore and we will make sure we give him tomorrow off and get him ready for Penn State.. Those are all positive signs, signs of leadership as well and we have to continue to build on any little sign that we can find right now."

    Is there anything you might want to do differently at the start

    "I think about it 10 times a day, what we can be doing differently. And I just think we have to continue to make our practices as competitive and combative as they can be. We were in a great frame of mine to come in here today. It wasn't anything like that. They knew they didn't play well or was as tough on Saturday. We had competitive and combative practices. Jon Diebler probably felt like he was open because we were a step behind him. We don't have a guy with the length that is really going to bother him or Turner. They are one of the longer teams in the league and if you measure them up with teams in the country they are one of the more longer and athletic teams. An think about it, they are missing David Lighty. So we just have to continue to do what we are doing. We have to stay completely on track with that. Add and delete where we can inside of our practices what gets us better and absolutely stay positive as to what it is going to take to win and make sure we are pointing out the things that are causing this."

    On Matt Roth

    "He has to become part of the solution on guarding people. It is a big deal that he continue to improve defensively. I thought he did some good things during the game, but we are just searching to find out. I thought it would be very tough for him at times to chase through a lot of those screens. But I am not down on him in any sense. You just try to go with the guys you think, like Finkelmeier to chase through those screens. He's out there trying, he scored two points last year. He's trying, we just have to put him out there. We had no individual matchup really outside of trying to matchup with Simmons, and we made him look good, we had no individual matchup that we could hang our hat on so we were going to have to really, really work. We were going to have to mix things up and switch at certain places. Sometimes we did a good job of that, sometimes our youth was served."

    You play four of your next five at home are you looking forward to that

    "I hope so. It seems like we have been gone a lot longer than we have. We just need to go home and get locked in to what we need to do. We know we are preparing for a Penn State team that has a lot of wins and has three guys that are making a lot of shots for their team and the top offensive rebounder in the league. We are looking forward to getting back to playing in front of our fans. No question about that."

    How do you stay so positive in tough times

    "I am up for it. I really am. I have a staff that is up for it. I have an athletic director that has just joined us, that is replacing one that was up for it in the nine months I was with him. I have Fred Glass with us. I have absolutely no doubts that we will get it back to where it has to be. I doesn't make it any easier now, none of that is any fun, but we are going to get it where it needs to be, I don't have any doubt."

    Tom Pritchard

    "It really helps. Tom is just scratching the surface with his athleticism. He really is a different looking young man than when he first got to Indiana. He has probably lost close to 30 pounds and if he continues to get his legs stronger, his upper body stronger and just become more and more of an athlete. I just want him to watch the best players all the time. I made him turn off entourage last night on the bus so he could watch the second half of the Notre Dame/Louisville game to watch Luke Harangody. Because I talk so much about him, he would probably go in the other direction he is so sick of hearing about him because we got to see first hand at Marquette what he did to impose his will on Notre Dame basketball and the Big East. We have high expectations for Tom."

    Talk bout OSU having 23 assists for 28 field goals

    "That is a good point. I hadn't even looked at that number. The way they make the next pass, the way Illinois made the next pass. There is no question that is a sign of maturity. I don't know if we will ever bee a great assist team in our time at Indiana. We will be good, I don't think we will be great because we are going to drive the basketball. We are going to want to get to the line, and we are going to want to create fouls inside. Our assist numbers would have been up had we made some of our layups. We are looking for any little sign to show these guys, it can be football, it can be any sport, we are looking for any little sign to show them what success can be like."

    Devan Dumes

    "I wanted to be out here to show leadership. I wanted to show my teammates I was there for them. I felt pretty good last night. Usually when I roll an ankle in practice I can get right up. Saturday, I thought I broke it. I was blessed that it was just a sprain.

    "We have to keep fighting and take every positive we can and build for the future. We have to come out with more intensity every time and stick to our game plan. It will give us a good lift to get back home."

    Tom Pritchard

    "We made a couple of mistakes early and it cost us the game. We have to challenge shots and put a body on guys. A double double doesn't mean a thing to me, I just want to win games. We just have to continue to work on the things that will help us win games in this league."

    "I learned tonight that we can handle pressure. We have to do a better job with the turnovers, we can't win giving up 25 points on turnovers. I thought Devan playing showed us a lot of heart. He is a leader and he played strong and played through it. He is a vocal leader."



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