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    Postgame Quotes - Penn State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 17, 2009

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:

    "When you out rebound a team like Penn State, you guard the three-point line so much better, and you hold a team that rebounds it as well as they do you don't think you are going to lose by 10. I am proud of the fact that we fought back. I am proud we never backed away from them. They've got three outstanding players in (Jamelle) Cornley, (Talor) Battle and (Stanley) Pringle and certainly it is indicative of the way they scored points. We locked into those guys and they made some tough plays.

    "Our crowd was fantastic. My hats off to all our fans who came and to Fred Glass for putting together something like that. It just shows everybody in this community, in this University and certainly our players that we are going to continue to everything we can do to make this season better. There was a great buzz in the building tonight and they stayed with us. We just have to continue to pound away at getting better.

    "We have to continue to become a more physical basketball team, which we showed signs of. We've got to continue to defend better. We had some very good stretches tonight and we had some not-so-good stretches.

    "When we started to make little runs, our lack of maturity basketball-wise caught up with us. We take away our momentum so much right now and we have to continue to get through that. We are going to start to have more competition in practice. I think it is good that we are out there fighting Jamelle Cornley with Broderick Lewis. And you know what, a lot of times he is holding his own. I have been looking forward to this week for us to really dive in, get better and understand that we are getting closer. Obviously it won't be any easier with Minnesota coming to town."

    On falling behind early and trying to fight back:

    We still get too quiet. I just want to see them get a win so much right now. We all come from winning. And we are coming from big games. You want them as a team to feel that thrill of winning. We still don't understand how long a game is. We still have timeouts where we get down and we get quiet. And again we continue to fight away to find one or two guys that will help run that club when we walk out of that huddle. A win will do a lot of things for us right now but we don't have it. So we have to continue to work towards it and have guys develop that. Too many little holes and we kept digging but we got ourselves a little too far."

    On defending the three-point basket better:

    We've been talking a lot more about just being one step better. Going back five games and looking at where those threes were made and looking at how they were made; half of those threes in the last five games was us being there without really being there. You know, a hand not up, one step short.The one thing we really tried to get better at over the last couple days is early help. Help a little bit early and not leave our man. We had a couple of situations in the first half where we over helped, they swing it out and get a three. We wanted to stay with shooters better. This is going to get tested in a big way against Minnesota: we have to do a better job of keeping the dribble in front of us."

    On the importance of winning the rebounding battle:

    It is very important. Rebounding is something we have spent an inordinate amount of time on from the beginning and they are seeing the fruits of their labor in that. I thought the last few games we weren't rebounding very well at all in the sense of being a physical block out team. And we were better at that today. To hold this team to three offensive rebounds... I didn't think we could do that. That is a plus, but at the same time there are so many other things we need to become pluses for us."

    On the play of Broderick Lewis:

    "We just need him to become a defender for us. I want our guys to understand that scholarship/no scholarship, it is all about competition. It is all about how you are rising up and what you are doing inside of practice. I love our spirit, desire and work ethic, but we are trying to win the game. I am not playing guys just for the sake of playing them. I want guys that are going to be battlers, hungry, win now, win later. And Broderick is showing signs. We just need him to be a defender for us and play with energy."

    On the late shots from Matt Roth building his confidence:

    "I think it helps. I think you are going to start seeing him shoot the ball better. One thing we are working out with him all the time right now is a quicker release. He has great range, obviously. You can run a half-court play and he can take it from half court. Matt just needs to relax, play, keep the man in front of him, get a few rebounds, come off screens, get spotted up in the corners, and be ready to shoot the ball."

    On only eight assists with 20 baskets:

    "I don't think about that much. We're not really that way right now. We don't have enough guys to really space the floor defensively. I've never been huge at looking at that as one of the determining factors in winning. Your turnover ratio compared to the other team's turnover ratio, now that is a factor in winning. The whole turnover/assist ratio thing, for me personally that is not the crux of winning. I want teams that can attack. But we are moving it around. These guys are figuring different things out."

    Penn State Head Coach Ed DeChellis

    On Penn State's first win in Assembly Hall
    "That wasn't our focus coming in. Our focus was to play as well as we can play and play better than we played the other night. I thought about execution for today. We played Michigan State Wednesday; we had Thursday off because we have three games. So I thought our execution wasn't great in that game. So we talked about executing offensively and defensively. I thought we were better at that tonight. I don't think you can ever focus on winning or losing games. I think it's trying to get better as a team, trying to control the things that you can control. That's the way you play. I thought we played a little better tonight. Especially the first half. There was a seven or eight minute period in the first half I thought we really played well, moved the ball, shot the ball well, played the way I think we can play."

    On the points at the end:
    "We have been a team that can really compete. I am really proud of our kids for that. It's a great crowd and their kids are playing hard. I give Tom a great deal of credit. He has his kids focused and they are still playing hard. It's not easy because I've been there. But I thought we made some basketball plays down the stretch. It's all about making a play when you need to make it."

    On whether or not Indiana surprised him with anything they did:
    "No not really, you know we thought the three kids would score and those three kids scored, Tom Pritchard, Dumes and Williams. We were just trying to make sure no one else got anything going. I thought we were pretty successful at that."

    On Jamelle Cornley:
    "You know, he's a good player. We give him the ball and he's a tough kid. He's a competitive kid. He wants the ball. I think you need to go to your senior in crunch time. Especially when you are on the road and need a basket. I thought he did a very good job of scoring."




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