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    Indiana vs. Minnesota

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 25, 2009

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:

    "This was the first time probably all year where I looked at this team and it was the culmination of the whole week of them really building up not only a preparation to win, not only a desire to win, but the belief the would win. This is one of the tougher ones to swallow. They all are. They are miserable for every coach and everybody that is a part of it.

    "But looking at my team, my job is to be honest with them, my job is to always tell them the truth and make them better men at the end of every day. One of the greatest attributes anyone can have is the belief they belong. And this was a day that they really did believe. They played harder, longer and they competed. The intensity was there, but the execution certainly wasn't always there. But we had a team of guys that battled and I never once didn't believe that they didn't think they could win."

    On the production from Malik Story today:

    (Today we saw) a sense of urgency. That is the bottom line. We want guys to understand it means a great deal to play here, to compete here. And Malik is a very capable player. It certainly doesn't help our basketball team when he only plays three minutes, like he did last week. But it wasn't helping our basketball team the way he was playing inside of those minutes.

    "It was very important that he had a great week, and he did. And it is very important now that he build on it."

    On Devin Dumes' limited minutes down the stretch:

    He had some foul issues. We were playing momentum a little bit at that point. At the end of the game there was no question that we wanted him in.

    On whether they were looking for a three-point basket in the final seconds:

    "We were looking for a three the second time. We had been running something through the day, and it was open the time before. It would have been a quick-hitting layup. But we didn't get it; they closed it up. So again, we flowed right into our next call. We wanted to score two at that point, if it was there on the cut. And then if it wasn't we would flow right in and either take the roll layup, which they closed up pretty good, or throw back for the three. But Matt (Roth) never really got open off those last two screens."

    On the team's free throw shooting:

    "The numbers we chart in practice would astound you. But it is also an empty Assembly Hall. It is just part of it. I don't want to get frustrated with that. We just want to continue to put ourselves in pressure situations in practice. We were shooting 72 percent in the Big Ten going into today's game.

    "There is no question we are participating in our own situation here with missed foul shots and giving up offensive rebound and letting people cut in front of us late in the game. To me, the belief that we can win, especially when you are 0-5, that is pretty important. And we have to continue to build on that."

    On today's crowd:

    Greatest crowd we had thus far. That is why it is a disappointing loss. We want these players to experience and see some positive results for how hard they work. Because I promise you that they work. Our fans are so great. There was an Indiana University police officer here last night guarding 18,000 shirts. "Our fans are loving it, and I can't tell you enough about what that means. To see our crowd the way that it is, and to see them engaged the way they are and how loud it is; there is going to be a day where we don't kill our own momentum. We are going to get that corrected. But out crowd they turn right back around and cheer again. And you just can't ask for more."

    On Tijan Jobe's play defensively on perimeter:

    That is what we wanted to do and we never really got to a situation in the second half where we could do it again because they went smaller at the four (position). Our job is to find use for everybody. We want to continue to find ways for Tijan to get into the games and help us. He was engaged; he was excited. He has limitations but we have to continue to try and work through those."

    On the team racking up seven fouls first four minutes of second half:

    "We've been trying to play our bench more. It we get rattled by that as coaches, and we get worked up on that, then I think it is going to affect them. If you coach emotionally in the sense of how you go after certain things, we are not ingrained enough to play through that. They are still taking their cues from the coaching staff in a lot of ways. I don't want that to get into their head. I want them to continue to play. That is why we have to be able to continue to use our bench.

    "Certainly it is hard. It changes your flow of the game. I am not going to second guess any of that; we just have to deal with it."

    Minnestoa Head Coach Tubby Smith

    Opening statement:
    "First, I thought it was a hard fought game. For Indiana, Tom has done a fantastic job. I thought our kids rose to the challenge today, made some big stops when they had to. It was a tremendous effort today on Ralph Samson's part today all the way around , his shot blocking ability, his ability to score on the inside. He really had a good all around game. I thought Damian Johnson for the most part was really active and very involved. We struggled shooting the ball; I thought that's kind of a carryover from our last game. We knew Indiana could knock down the threes and they did. They were able to overcome a lot of things today. I can't say enough about this group. When you go on the road in the Big Ten, or anywhere, it's very tough. So we're very fortunate, very glad to get this win."

    On Getting the ball insided to Ralph Sampbson:
    "Ralph has been coming along. He's been very active. He has good size, so he can go up big and get the ball over Tom Pritchard. He's a solid interior player. He had a size advantage. Again, we did make a conscious effort to get the ball to him. I thought the guy showed a lot of confidence. I trusted that when we threw the ball to him, he could finish and not only that, he finished on offensive rebounds and put backs. So he scored a lot of different ways."

    On his team's defense:
    "With defensive stops, you know the blocks, the steals; it always worries me when we get a lot of blocks because that means teams are getting the ball. We blocked some jump shots today. Again Tom Pritchard and Devan Dumes, I think those kids are solid players. They are playing extremely well. We made the stops we had to. I thought our defense was suspect, especially because they shot 50% in the second half. So it was just those key shots at certain times. The stops we had to get, we did get."

    On the importance of this win:
    "It was huge. We want to stay on pace and keep our eye on the goal, and compete for a Big Ten and stay in the hunt, then you have to find ways to win. And certainly none was bigger than the game today, but now we have an Illinois team who has just had their way with us for maybe 20 years. They are playing well and they have very solid ball club."

    On Indiana:
    "I know he's been at the top and been successful. He's shown that his teams are right in it. Every time they go out, they don't give in, they don't give up. It's just a matter of sustaining it and consistency, and that's what he's getting from his kids. He's getting a consistent effort. As he continues to recruit he's going to have a very good team."

    On Indiana's three-point shooting in the first half:
    "Absolutely, they made five threes in a row, in one stretch. We just did a poor job of fighting through screens. Again, I thought they made some big time threes from deep, especially Devan Dumes and Malik Story, guys that stepped up. He was a guy that came off the bench and played extremely well for them. We weren't expecting the threes that he was knocking down. They were very capable of it.




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