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    Indiana vs. Michigan Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 27, 2007

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    Indiana vs. Michigan
    Postgame quotes
    Jan. 27, 2006

    Indiana Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

    Opening statement:
    "I thought we were sharp. We've had great practices. We had to take Wednesday off, so Thursday and Friday were great preparation days. Our kids were ready to play. We came out and we had a great start. Our defense was really, really solid all day. We did a great job of monstering, post doubling, those kids on the post. Offensively, great spacing, moved the ball, passed the ball well, made shots. I can't think of one area today that we weren't pretty good in."

    On the free-throw disparity:
    "A.J. (Ratliff), whether he touched him or not on that 3-point shot, he shouldn't have been there. You teach kids to extend and contest, not to block the shot or make contact. There's a difference in being aggressive and not being very smart. We're an aggressive team, so we're going to foul more than most people. There's going to be a free-throw disparity in most of our games. We tend to shoot 3s, which is good. As long as we take good ones, there's nothing wrong with that. Some of the fouls today, we were maybe a step slow. Michigan is an inside team. They've got a lot of 6-10, 6-11 guys, and our guys are 6-5, 6-6. Sometimes we're trying hard and we get penalized for that. It's not the referees. Sometimes there's a fine line between being aggressive and fouling. I thought our kids were being aggressive today. But then sometimes we just weren't very smart. A.J., the guy said he hit him in the face, or touched him or whatever. He said, well, `It may not have been much of a touch." That's not the deal. The deal is you shouldn't have had your hand in there anyway. Extend. If he makes the shot, he makes the shot. But there's an age-old adage in basketball: `don't foul the shooter.'"

    On how the team attacked today:
    "It's like the other night. There's some things in basketball that are correctable. Some things in basketball, you try your best and you just can't overcome it. Our performance the other night was just what it was. Two days earlier, we were great against Connecticut and today we were great. You don't overreact to things. I don't dwell on them. I don't sit around and analyze them. I say, `You know what? We can be better than that.' I thought we spread the floor today. Instead of resetting into ball screens or resetting into motion, we tried to attack the rim with the dribble and get shots from spreading the floor. We did not do that the other night. We did do it against Connecticut."

    On Mike White:
    "Today he was good and it's like Lance said, when a kid doesn't go in early, it's hard. Mike didn't go in the first half and I think he got mad. I think he went in there and thought `I'll show you,' which is good. You have to have the right attitude to approach things like that."

    On rebounds:
    "The thing about guards is that I could care less if they get an offensive rebound, because their job is to be back in transition. But defensive, you have such an advantage of getting out on the break if your guards can have defensive rebounds because they start the break. If they can get in an open court and get by somebody, it's a three-on-two. At the very least, you get opportunities because of defensive rebounding."

    On the upcoming schedule:
    "We were disappointed at our game in Illinois and we wanted to come back and really compete. We wanted to have good practices and this week, Monday and Tuesday, then the game on Wednesday against Wisconsin."

    Junior forward Lance Stemler

    On the game:
    "We wanted to come out and attack as a team. We thought to win the first four minutes was crucial. So we came out attacking and we got open looks. Shots fell."

    On what the team worked on this past week in practice:
    "Transitions were important and attacking. We had two upbeat practice and they were fun. Fun was the main thing."

    On the play of junior forward Mike White:
    "He was huge; he came in with great attitude and really hustled. He blocked shots and did everything we need him to do. He had a great game."

    On his work ethic:
    "I try and get into the gym as much as possible, before and after practices. I just need to keep shooting."

    Freshman guard Armon Bassett

    On the game:
    "The court was spread and my teammates were looking for me. I am playing with a lot of unselfish players."

    On his confidence level:
    "The coaching staff really stays on me and with my teammates being so unselfish, it makes it easy."

    Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

    Opening statement:
    "I thought the big difference in the ball game was the start of both halves. I thought they had great energy. Certainly starting the game, they had us on our heels right away. We dug a deep hole, certainly with playing here, and with players like D.J. White and Rod Wilmont, and the way that they played this afternoon, it made it very difficult for us to overcome that mountain that we found ourselves up against."

    On why it was a struggle to start each half well:
    "We really felt it was going to be an emotional start for them. I was hopeful that we would have a chance to match that. But certainly we were unable to do it, and I think when they hit their first few threes, that really got things rolling for them. It was a quick timeout for us, and we certainly got our legs out from under us after that and settled down and made some solid basketball runs from that point forward. Again, the start of the second half, that was the difference in the basketball game."

    On outscoring Indiana by 19 from the free throw line and still losing:
    "With the number of times we went to the line, you like to think if you do that on the road, if someone told me that I think we would have been a lot closer or would of won this basketball game. Their defense was solid and very good, and we struggled to score from the floor. We were the aggressor I thought in trying to use the foul line as a weapon to score. We certainly were not able to get many threes and not being able to score in the paint was difficult for us."

    On Indiana's ability to score second chance points:
    "I am concerned with that. There's no question we had addressed that earlier in the season. It's something that hasn't gone away completely, as we saw this afternoon. We are hopeful that we can re-group and respond for our next game at home on Wednesday."

    On not getting into the flow offensively:
    "I thought we had opportunities at times and we missed some of them. Certainly when you put yourself in a hole like that, there is no margin for error. We can talk about a lot of things, but I think the two starts doomed us, and from that point forward, everything has to go like clock work for us and hopefully things won't go as well for them. That usually isn't the case in this crazy game of basketball."




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