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    Ohio State at Indiana - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 31, 2009

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    Postgame Press Conference Video

    Indiana vs. Ohio State
    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:

    "It never ceases to amaze me what kind of support we get at Indiana. It was the largest crowd of the year... and I will never ever take that for granted. There can't be fan support that would be duplicated like this in a situation like ours. I can't imagine that anywhere in America. I hope that all of our fans understand when we lose and we don't get it done we are as disappointed for them as we are for us.

    "Today I did not feel good about where we stood this morning but these guys surprised me with their level of intensity. They really came out and played hard. We moved the basketball, we attacked. We did some good things defensively but we didn't do enough obviously in the second half. And as I said to them you are not going to win games when a team is shooting like (Ohio State) in the second half. It really comes down to things you guys already know. We don't match up real well with a lot of teams in this conference. But with Ohio State it is that much more of a challenge for us. They have some really good players and they play very well together.

    "We went toe-for-toe there for a while and they played really well and they are very capable of that. We are showing improvement in other areas, we just have to understand what makes us successful. We can't just be even on the boards of lose by one, or win it by four or five. We have to be better. We can't just get 10 offensive rebounds and score 8 points. Those are the kind of things we have to measure right now. Those are the things I am going to want measured in here moving down the road as we continue to build the program.

    "We've got to continue to understand that safety of that basketball is paramount in the half court. We have to show our confidence in games with our ability to talk to one another and talk out situations in a game, call out screens better and things like that.

    "But when it comes to playing hard and competing we are doing that well enough to win. We've just got to take care of some of the other things that really affect winning and losing.

    On the play of Matt Roth:

    "We knew it was a matter of time with him. He has been spending so much more time in the gym on his own. He is an excellent shooter and sometimes when you're really good at something you can take it for granted once in awhile. He hasn't done that. Since the Lipscomb game he has really been one of our bigger gym rats in the sense of doing more things after practice or coming back at night. "And he needs to continue to do that because that is how it gets done. It never gets done right away. It is important that he look for his shot more because he makes it so much better for everybody else when he is looking for his shot. And when he makes them like today it is incredible. He has to have that mindset."

    On Matt Roth getting better looks in recent games:

    "We have always had a saying that we need to let Matt Roth get lost in the offense a little bit more so his teammates can find him. That is part of it... but some of it is the mentality. Some of it is where we try to move him around in the schemes we are trying to come up with and we are adding things all the time. We are doing everything we can do on a daily basis to give these guys the best opportunity to win."

    On the defense played against Ohio State:

    "It's really a hard situation there because they have so many guys that can score. Like I said, they have four perimeter (players). I think you can make a case for this throughout the country but Evan Turner as hard a matchup as there is. The defense isn't just about taking Jon Diebler out of it, let's try to control the paint because Evan Turner does a fantastic job of driving the basketball. You've got to have a wall put up around him and we didn't do a good job of that today. We wanted to make it as hard for Diebler as we could and we did it in the first half; it wasn't as hard for him in the second half."

    On Ohio State shooting 76 percent in the second half:

    "Probably a combination (of hot shooting and poor defense) They do a good job of using screens. We know that. We didn't do a very good job at all at their place...we didn't fight through screens. We did a better job of that today. They are very good. And some of that was just us being a little bit late and then trying to recover. They have numerous ways to beat you on the court."

    On the team picking up more assists in recent games:

    "I think that is excellent. I think no matter whether we are seeing zone or man we have to continue to do that. That makes us so much better when we are playing through the middle. We want to be attacking (the basket) out of the corner. It is a low percentage shot in college basketball except for (Matt Roth). It is important we continue to understand driving and kicking and getting the ball reversed no matter what defense we see is paramount to us having a chance."

    On the team hitting more three-point baskets recently:

    "We've seen a lot of zone. Seen all but 5 seconds of Zone in the last two games. We just want to take unchallenged shots. That is one of the biggest learning things for this team. They want to make things happen. The more you move it, the more you screen, the more you share it the better it is. A lot of it is making the next pass, and making the next pass after that. Some of it is the spacing, some is what we are seeing defensively. As long as it is a good three, I have absolutely no problem with it. And we will definitely be shooting three pointers as this program grows. We've got some good shooters now. Just need to make sure we are taking it in rhythm and we are taking as many unchallenged shots as we can."

    Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta
    Opening statement:
    "Well I think we came out and we weren't as ready as we needed to be to play this game. I thought it was more of the mental. We tried to guard against it and explain to our guys how well Indiana is playing and how good we thought they are. They knocked us on our heels to start the game. The turnovers we had in the first half were one of the big reasons we were down at half time. Indiana was playing extremely hard. We weren't doing the things we needed to do to take care of the basketball. The second half I thought we obviously made shots and did a better job of taking care of the basketball. Fortunately, in the second half we had a stretch where we played an ounce of defense. That was able to give us enough of a lead to win the basketball game. It was a shooting performance by both teams that you don't see very often. We are lucky, as I told the guys, that we were able to come out of here with a win.

    Can you talk about John Diebler playing the second half?
    "I thought John had great patience, great flow. They were playing the box and one on him. The guys did a good job of finding him, moving him. John's a guy that has good size and he's a pretty good athlete. He comes off those screens. He's 6'6 and can elevate up. I thought he did a good job. Even defensively, he had pretty good awareness of what was going on there."

    On Roth's shooting:
    A: Yeah I honestly wanted him to keep shooting, because I thought it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I mean when he hit the leaner there on the one, I thought this was impressive, I think you can get into those quote, unquote zones and he was definitely in it, but it was just the lack of, I don't want to say.... Lack of intelligence on our part in what we were trying to do and we never carried it forward to guard him, finally we did it there at the very end.

    Is this a game where if you don't shoot 70%, but shoot 50% you come out with a loss?:
    "I don't know because we shot 67%, I'm not sure what would have happened. It's one of those games where I am happy the way we shot. But I would have liked to have seen if the shots weren't' going in if we would have guarded anyone when it was do or die. We were perfectly content tonight to trade baskets. It was not a big deal to us. We have had games like that. When you are making shots at one end, and you say that's alright if they score on us, we will go down and score on the other end. We can't win games like that very often."

    What improvements have you seen since the first matchup with Indiana?
    "Well number one, they played extremely hard. You know they are well coached, they've got the pieces to the puzzle, these are scholarship players and you can just see the improvements. They're a lot like us. I think we're getting better, they're young, we're young and nature takes its course as the season goes on and you get better, and obviously they're doing a good job coaching and teaching the things that they want to do."




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