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    Postgame Quotes - No. 18 Minnesota at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 2, 2011

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    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement
    "Well, first on my tweet today I wrote we don't need a sixth man today, we need a starter. Our fans were everything we could possibly imagine and more. To turn out the way the weather is, I know we had some people coming from long distances, to have the students be here the way that they were. It is just amazing the way it fuels our team so much. I think the way our team is playing it helps fuel them. It's a great two way street. The passion of our fans doesn't allow our team to get down, we were running on fumes at times tonight.

    "I didn't sub a lot at certain points and I thought the turning point in the game for us was when they made a late run and there was a timeout and the accountability in our huddles. It wasn't complaining to one another, it was direct hits at one another in a sense that we have to finish this one out. All I am doing is just reminding them how well they are playing. When you can do that as a coach and your players are taking care of it in all of the huddles at the end, all they were talking about was finishing it up and getting the win.

    "As I said to them, when you can develop real belief, you have a chance to go on and do really big things. When the team plays on edge and continue to develop belief, they are going to keep getting better. We played against a really good team, we played against as good of a shooter as there is, and we played against a really good front line. Guys are going to go on and play in the NBA and our guys went toe to toe with them and battled along with this group of fans. We have a lot of individual performances but this was a complete team effort again. The players that came in really made things happen. They are really believing in one another and they don't want to let each other down. I am really proud to be coaching them."

    On Tom Pritchard
    "I've said for the last couple years, you don't get to see how we practice and we see this all of the time in practice. He has been better as of late and we are asking him to do a lot. He played 30 minutes, that is some major minutes tonight. He has a lot of responsibilities with mixing up defenses tonight. He took a mindset that he was going to try and dunk everything, and he darn near did. I am really proud of him. He is playing with confidence and playing with belief. He has been doing it for quite some time on the defensive end but he is starting to do it on the offensive end. Players have to step up when other players go down; there is just no way around it. You just have to feel the game and that is what Tom is doing."

    On Verdell
    "We were right around the amount of minutes where we thought he could play (17 minutes). I did not expect him to play at the level that he did tonight. I did not expect him to make the shots that he did. I am really happy for him because he needed to get his confidence back right away. He got mad at me because at the end of the first half he felt that he had something flowing down at the other end, but I called a timeout. He guarded very well, he got five defensive rebounds in this game and that's what we needed."

    On Victor's Dunk
    "I said everyone wants me to be ripping you right now but I would like to give you a kiss; just don't do it again. Just go out there and keep playing great. I am not going to take his confidence. Will got away with one today. They are young but the "Sheeladipo" crew is rolling pretty hard. We've now got the "Sheeladipo crew" and the "Tomahawk Tom"; the nicknames are rolling now. At that point in the game, he (Oladipo) was one of our biggest defenders, he was guarding Hoffarber."

    Minnesota Head Coach Tubby Smith

    Opening Statement:
    "Well we sure have to compliment and commend Indiana. They came out ready to play. They were aggressive and took a fight to us early in the game and really out worked us in the first half. I thought that once we could gather ourselves and regain our composure and change our lineup, back in the ballgame. We were really getting killed on the boards in the first half and the second and third shots have been one of our problems. Even with our big lineup, I guess we are not quick enough to recover being out there guarding guys on the perimeter side and we had to get back inside. It seemed like when the shot clock ran down they made about two or three (shots). Indiana made two or three shots at the shot clock that were like daggers, they really take the wind out of your sails. But I thought overall I was pleased with our effort in the second half and the comeback we had. We just have to get better."

    On Minnesota's play in the first half:
    "If you're not going to rebound, you're not going to fight back, you're not going to box out, anybody is going to beat you. You've got to set the tone and we weren't doing any of that. We weren't doing any of the little things. They were out working us and out hustling us."

    On allowing 18 points off turnovers:
    "I don't know where the turnovers were coming from. I know Blake[Hoffarber] had four of them, but I will have to look back and see what happened. When you turn over the ball, that's what you're supposed to do, convert them, and they did a good job of doing that. 10 turnovers is not a lot, but I know that a lot of those must have come in the first half. That's what probably lead to them getting the lead and us falling behind. Austin Hollins came in and I thought he really played great. He was 0-3 in the first half and he came back in the second half and did a good job. We only had three turnovers in the second half and we did a better job of taking care of the ball. I think Blake is adjusting to the quickness of opposing gaurds and I think that teams are really getting more aggressive and more physical with him. He is learning how to play the court."

    On the players mentality heading into the game knowing about Indiana's injuries:
    "I think that we just got out worked and out hustled. I don't think that they thought we would just come in here and win because someone was hurt. I'd hate to think that. You would have to ask them that."

    b>On Minnesota's energy:
    "Nobody had much energy tonight. They got two layups and no one even contested their shots. And we can't keep Colton Iverson in long because he gets fouled."

    On the last play:
    "We tried to get a shot off to Blake Harboffer. Maverick Ahanmisi is probably one of our best three point shooters so we wanted him to take the ball on the base line. Austin [Hollins] had made a couple of threes, so we had Austin kicking to the corner on the weak side so we got bumped in and he got bumped so he had to change his pace and he was off balance. We fumbled the ball. So we tried to get the ball to Blake and if Blake didn't get it, Ralph was stepping back for a three. Indiana did a good job on defending it."




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