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    Indiana vs. Iowa Postgame Audio

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 4, 2009

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    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:

    "I tried my best to shake as many hands as I could. I would have like to have shaken the hand of everyone that was in this building tonight. To have the crowd support grow; to have the energy grow and to have the balcony filled and filling up the way that it is...but take all that out of it. The way our fans have been supporting this team since we have gone through this it is an amazing feeling to be a part of that. I cannot believe what this crowd brings; what this Hoosier Nation brings to this team.

    "It was a great win for us. As I said to the players late in the game and in the locker room, this will be the toughest win they ever get. And it wasn't just because it was game night. It is because we haven't won in awhile. I am really proud of them. Certainly we had to play a little differently and play some guys some mega minutes because of Tom's (Pritchard) foul issues. It looked at times at the end like we were running on fumes. But I think we were trying to get rid of that 50 to 75-pound weight that was on everybody's back. And fortunately all that stuff is gone.

    "So now we just keep focusing on getting better; focus on the next game and keep building on improving. But I am proud of the way these guys have work through all of this. We may not see the dividends just yet of that mental toughness that they are learning, but we will and they will. To go through a situation where you are playing hard, working hard, competing, and not to be able to have that positive result it is a hard thing.

    "But tonight they did an excellent job. And Devan Dumes was phenomenal and did excellent things for us. Matt Roth got a new feel of what its like to be a marked man. And (Iowa) did an excellent job but at the same time he still moved pretty well without the basketball. Our points (guards) came out and ran the team and we took care of the basketball, especially in the second half.

    Kyle Taber gave us great effort and energy, just as Malik Story and Nick Williams did. We played a very good team. I think this shows again just how good this league is. Their record is not indicative of how good they are. We got our first win and we moved forward."

    On being up three and Devan Dumes getting a good three-point look:

    "With him, the way he was shooting that is one of his great spots. We wanted to run a few more continuity things... not to ice the game but just get ball reversal. The way he was feeling tonight it was a very good shot."

    On the team cutting down its turnovers:

    "That has to be part of the recipe for success. And we have not had success by turning it over a lot. It was very important that we take care of the basketball and that we didn't try to force things that weren't there. I thought we passed the ball pretty well; we distributed it; we moved it around. Our (defense) got very lax in last 5-6 minutes of the game but we were able to hold on to it.

    On this being a big win for Crean himself:

    "There is nothing that excites you in the business like having success. I feel the weight of it too. There is no doubt about it. These guys do work very hard. I have been so focused on their work ethic and them getting better and them feeling that we had to get this one so they could move on. But I felt that way for the fans too. We have stayed engrossed in our preparation and what we try to do as coaches. But there is no question it wears on you. It wears on everybody Tomorrow it will be a little different feeling going into work. Everyone is going to be a little lighter."

    On the feeling in the locker room after the game:

    There were no Gatorade baths or anything like that. They were excited, relaxing and talking about the game. Fred Glass came in and we presented him with the game ball. Rick Greenspan gets the first road victory and I hope there is a point and time we can get that for him here sometime soon. We've got a great team (staff) at Indiana and people that really work to make it better. Our team appreciates that as well. They were excited and they feel confident. They finished something off. I imagine there is a little bit if relief."

    On holding onto the lead late in the game:

    "We were able to hold on. They never got the lead and we were able to make some big plays down the stretch. And that will help us. It will help us immensely to know now that we can finish it off at this level. And that is what our focus has been...finishing."

    On the players stepping up and communicating better:

    :You don't win with single step-ups. You win with the whole team. This is a situation where we have to communicate on screens better. We have to communicate on where the help is. Rotations are a big part when you are playing a team like Iowa. As we continue to grow up here we will get better at that. We will get better at those rotations. And we will get better at reminding our teammates we are there for them. It is never just one guy. We expect more out of point guard position and we are going to coach that much more diligently and thoroughly on what we expect out of that position. We have three people that can play for us. So that needs to be a deep position."

    On the team playing with a sense of urgency:

    "I think tonight they showed that resolve we were looking for. They continued to play. We haven't been the most vocal in practice the last two days. And I was getting concerned this was really wearing on them. I was very concerned about that. And there are a couple of different ways you try to shake them out of that. But the bottom line is it doesn't matter what motivation is out there; they have to feel that thrill of experiencing doing it right. That was the sense of urgency, I would say, tonight."

    On the team having an advantage in points off turnovers:

    "It was crucial. We talked about that at halftime. That is ultimately what our team is going to be like at Indiana. We are going to be a team that creates points off turnovers. And that we can get into people and trap and do those kinds of things. We have to be selective with that right now. But they were aggressive; they weren't aggressive in the sense of reaching and getting beat on things. Points off turnovers are not going to be the most crucial thing for us offensively this year. But we can't let it be the most crucial thing for an opponent either. That is what it has been, and that is where we have to get better."

    Devan Dumes

    On how Indiana held off Iowa when they made the run in the second half:
    "We didn't panic. We know we missed a few free throws but we didn't panic. We stuck with our defense and really dug down deep down inside and we got a steal and a layup and everybody finished and we didn't give up."

    On whether he thought tonight was the night the Hoosiers would get their first win in Big Ten play:
    "I actually did. We have a lot of fun with Tijan Jobe and tonight he told me tonight was the night. The coaches have kept telling us to keep fighting, keep fighting and all the hard work is going to pay off and it paid off tonight. We are trying to get more than one so we are going to keep working."

    Nick Williams

    On how the win changes the team's outlook:
    "At shootaround last night, we just told each other that this was the time to get this win. It is the midway point and we had to get this win and we pulled it out."

    On what he was thinking when Dumes' three-point field goal late in the game:
    "I just knew it was going in. We called the play for him and Devan always makes good shots. I couldn't even move because I was mesmerized by it because I knew it was going in. When he made it I was just ecstatic and we knew we had to get another stop and that's what we did."

    Iowa Head Coach Todd Lickliter

    "I've been impressed throughout the season, as I've watched Indiana with a number of things. First of all, the spirit that they play with, which is directed toward Tom (Crean) and his staff. I've been very impressed with the fans of Indiana, and the way that they have supported this team and appreciated the way that they play. I told Tom that it is a little bit similar in that we've played some pretty good basketball and come up on the short end. I think Indiana has played some pretty good basketball. Not pretty good, I think they've played real good. For them to persevere and keep on believing and executing the way they are, I think that is a real credit to what they are doing. I'm very impressed with the support that their community has shown, and I wouldn't take that lightly.

    "As we go forward, I think we're trying to build like Tom is. I think what has happened here is good in that the guys that are here came to Indiana because they want to be here and they want to play for Tom. They've started something, they're pursuing something that everybody is convinced is special. I think that is a tribute to them. He is going to get more help as we're all trying to do as the years go on. My heart goes out to them.

    "We just could not keep them off the glass, or would not. In the first half, we had a stretch where people talk about us not being able to score, well we couldn't make shots. We had some great looks, and they wouldn't go. It was a struggle for about three-fourths of the game. To our guys' credit, it was a single possession game with less than a minute. There was a lot of fight to us in the end. We've just got to play more consistently and with a lot more strength."

    On the difference in the two halves:
    "We didn't make shots. Take a look and I really believe we had some good, open looks. Maybe it is anxiousness. We don't get a lot of second shots, so maybe we felt a lot of pressure to make them. As the pressure was relieved a little bit, we've just got to make them."

    On how the Indiana team has changed since the last meeting:
    "Well, we're different. It was a pretty good game in Iowa City, and we had Cyrus Tate with twenty-some points. We're a little bit different, but I don't know that they're that much different. Only in that a couple of the players that may not have been quite as aggressive when we saw them in the first game have become more aggressive and probably more comfortable. I think they're continuing to execute, and we're the only Big Ten team they've beaten, but we're not the only one they've given trouble."

    On defending Matt Roth and Devan Dumes:
    "We let him cut right in front of us for a two-pointer. We understood he had deep range and we had to be there. We also understood Dumes and he was near perfect tonight. The nice thing about that is when you have somebody like Matt Roth, even if he doesn't shoot it like he did the other night the other team respects it, he helps spacing and he helps create things for his teammates. When you have excellent shooters on the floor, they don't have to score to be effective. Now, he is very capable and will if he is open, but I do think there is a lot to be said for having guys out there that teams are afraid to leave. It gives open drives, and Williams was effective driving it on us and also on the glass when you're court is spread a lot."




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