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    Postgame Quotes - Iowa at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 5, 2011

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom

    Opening statement:
    "Our fourth straight last possession of the game coming down to decide the game didn't work out for us obviously, but we got a good look. Anytime at the end of the game you want a chance to make the shot, a chance to get fouled, a chance to rebound it. We had all those opportunities and it didn't happen. When we had a chance to keep momentum, we just didn't guard well down low. Frankly, the fact that not only have we had injuries, but so few of guys that can practice and we have to tailor-make things game preparation rather than continuing to get better. Last couple of days has gotten better and it caught up with us a little because we weren't able to have as hard and tough of practices as we needed. We played hard today, but we didn't play tough enough, especially down low. We were forced due to different circumstances.

    "My two best defenders down low today were two freshmen who aren't used to guarding down there. When you are in the situation we are in now with the injuries, sometimes we fight and sometimes we don't. That we have to grow through. We just have to do everything you can try to do to win the game. I will give our guys credit for that. It's not their fault they are injured, it's not their fault they can't practice. It just makes it a challenge when you are used to have very competitive practices.

    "With this crowd, I wish we could have kept the momentum. We didn't and they made some big plays. We didn't make enough of them at the end. As far as the last play of the game, when we got the ball, we wanted to come up on the break see if we had anything. Our transition offense, our transition pick-and-roll has been very good for us. It wasn't there so we called time out. We had two plays on depending if they were man or zone. Frankly we weren't moving fast enough to get into that play. So I called timeout to run another one. We had options, Jordan popping out, Will posting, Verdell coming off a screen and Victor on the backside. Its right there and then the ball just rolls out. I'm disappointed for our team, disappointed for our fans. It certainly doesn't get any y easier as we get ready to go play Purdue and Michigan next week."

    On ten point lead with under 8 minutes to go:
    "We never were in rhythm and again I make a big deal about practice when we win and I make a big deal about practice when we lose, it's the same thing today. We game planned the last couple of days, but never did just get down and battle. Therefore we never had the rhythm. We had guys who played today who all they did was just walk through. That's hard to do and it is what it is and it is probably going to be that way. We have to figure out something different because I know certainly next week nobody is going to have any interest in how hard we are practicing or who is available to us when we go into the other games.

    "We never got into the flow. It became clear that that was the kind of game it was going to be. We were already mixing and matching as it is. When you are mixing and matching in the games, you just have to try and do everything you can do to keep the ball moving. We had some miscues that they capitalized on, no question."

    On Jordan getting a touch at the end of the game:
    "Well, it wasn't necessary that we had to have a three. If he was open, then he was going to get it, but we knew they were going to cover him. Ball side there were three pretty good options and Will didn't really get into the post up, but we really don't post up well that much. We were doing it at the end there. Jordan popping out off a screen from Will, Will going into the post and Verdell coming off the ball screen with Victor sliding in behind it so that we had backside coverage on a shot whether it was a post up with Will, whether it was a shot from Jordan, or a shot from Verdell.

    "I don't get really caught up in this guy has to have it at the end, if we had flowed into it fast enough, we might have had something else before I called that timeout with six seconds to go. You have to get a good look and again we weren't moving fast enough for that to happen. They go the tempo of the game going in their favor. We wanted to keep the game going a little bit faster. I am not sure they wanted to play that way. They got on the transition of couple of times with the dunks, but maybe it was lack of bodies, maybe it was lack of practicing the last couple of days, but we never got the tempo our way late in the first and throughout the second half. We still had our opportunities and we had our lead, but never go the tempo to where we could try to break this thing open."

    Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery

    On playing on the road in a hostile environment:
    "What we had was an opportunity to maintain our composure when they made their run. It was 10 points with under seven minutes left. That's a lifetime. We executed, we had good shots, we were in the bonus, we made our free throws, we had a couple steals, the zone was good to us and I'm just really proud of our composure. Bryce Cartwright just keeps getting better. I thought Eric May's defense on Hulls, once he made 15 right after the jump ball, I thought he did a real good job there."

    On Jordan Hulls:
    "He's a player, that's what he is. He makes plays off the dribble, he finds his teammates and he makes big shots."

    On Indiana's final possession of the game:
    "You've got to pretty much go. You have enough time for maybe one screen, but what you've got to have enough time for is if they miss it, you get a tip. So, you know you've got to go. You just have to make sure he takes a contested shot. You don't want to foul there, you want to make him make a tough shot and he took a tough shot and missed it. In my life, we've won some and lost some just like that. We lost at N.C. State and we won at Winthrop so you don't forget those."

    On Bryce Cartwright's game-winning shot:
    "We ran a play that has various options. The timing of it was such that Bryce didn't like what he saw, but he still had the space and he has the ability to go and he just went and he made a really nice play. He has that freedom and he has that capability. He was setup to have that option, but there was picking action going on that we would have preferred that kind of setup for him to drive earlier."

    On finishing:
    "The Penn State game was in the balance and we lost by 14. We were down 21 to Michigan with the three-point barrage. We make a great comeback, cut it down to eight with the ball, but we had a layup and ended up losing by 14. But the Penn State game was, a lot of it is things we did right today that we didn't do then."

    On called timeout down when down ten:
    "To me, we've been in this situation so many times in an arena like this when they were playing so well, it's all about composure. One stop and one score. Everybody relax, it's a lifetime. There's a ton of possessions left in this game. If the lead goes from ten to four, that's one thing. If the lead goes from ten to 16, you're done. We chipped away at it. We got a steal right away and we got another steal. The steals got them a little bit sideways. We went zone and they were running the clock down, they were getting shots, they weren't great shots. The shots they were getting in the man were much better."

    On Bryce Cartwright:
    "He made very few bad decisions today. Even on a few of his turnovers, I thought they were really good looks. Brommer, at one time, stumbled a little bit and he kind of read and left it up there for him, but if Brommer doesn't stumble, he catches it and dunks it. So, I'm just really proud of him. He's not driving into packs of people trying to make something out of nothing."




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