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    Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. MSU

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 7, 2009

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    Indiana vs. Michigan State
    Post Game Quotes
    Feb. 7, 2009

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement...
    They are an outstanding basketball team. I'm not surprised with how good they are - they've been the standard here in this league for a long time, and our players saw that first hand. Today we competed very well throughout the first half and never gained any traction but never put ourselves in a situation where they had an insurmountable lead. We were excited about that. I think somewhere along the line in the second half anywhere from the 17-minute mark to the 10-minute mark, somewhere in there, we were still hanging in. But their depth, their speed, their toughness, it just took control of the game. It took control of the game. This was a game where we did not have much margin for error anywhere. You certainly don't have any margin for error when you're playing Michigan State at Breslin. We learned that today. I will look forward to continue to work with this team to get it better and I will also look forward to the future to having teams that come in here and that can compete for 40 minutes, and not just for 23 or 32. We executed the game plan, we continue to play very hard, but like I said, their running game and their relentlessness on the backboards can wear you down, and that's what happened to us in the end.

    On the possibility of frustration setting in...
    I just get angry, I don't get frustrated. I just keep my energy up and our coaches keep their energy up. There's not a soul who could make it in the Indiana program if they don't come to get better that day, so we won't have any of that, there's no question. It's about improvement, it's about competing, it's about learning to compete the right way, it's about learning to play hard and tough and build confidence, so I'm not getting frustrated at all. And I don't anticipate it happening at all. I know getting a win Wednesday night helped everybody's mood, there's no doubt about that, but we're going to coach the program with a lot of passion because we know that this is not just a one-shot deal. We have a lot of building to do. It's going to take a while, it could take a long while, before we're up to speed and we're able to compete with teams like Michigan State. As long as we understand that on one hand but never allow that to affect our coaching and how we build the team, then we're going to build progress.



    On coming back to Michigan State...
    I didn't know that this was the press room, so it just keeps getting weirder. I don't know if I had ever been in the visitor's locker room. Maybe I was in there one time, but it's a great place, it's a great atmosphere. I was really overwhelmed - there were cheers and that meant a lot. To be here and to be a part of building this program back up to the great level that Jud Heathcote had it and to now see where Tom has taken it, they're the greatest memories of my life. We had a child born here, and I just loved it. I wouldn't trade any of it. But I never want to get used to feeling how I feel now, I know that.

    Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo

    Opening Statement...
    I thought it was a very strange basketball game. I don't know that I have ever seen us miss that many shots, and the two guys that missed the most, Durrell and Kalin, shot the ball really well last night and this morning. I thought Indiana did a great job of coming out with a different defense, they switched everything and it gave us a few problems. If we would have hit some shots, we would have given them some problems, but we didn't. I didn't think we played very well overall, I thought we turned the ball over a lot in the first half. I thought we did a decent job defensively. I thought for them to have (Devan) Dumas out with foul trouble hurt them, he just didn't have a very good game. Between that and our shooting, it was just a strange game. I was happy that we defended pretty well and we rebounded okay, but we missed so many free throws and so many open shots.That is why defense wins. In all, we need to shoot better if we are going to make a run at this (Big Ten) Championship.

    On the play of Draymond Green...
    Well, we were a little mad at Draymond because he charged that one time; otherwise he would have had a perfect game. Five-for-five from the field, five-for-five from the line, 12 rebounds and 15 points, but he had that one turnover. He was a surprise today, he got some big-time rebounds. He is shooting a lot better, so he helped us a lot in there today.

    On the play of the Spartan forwards...
    Goran Suton did a great job of playing better in the second half after not having a really great first half. I thought Delvon Roe played really well if he just could have finished some plays. He had some tough free throws and if he makes a few of those it gives us a 15-point lead. I though his defense improved a lot. He might be the guy that can guard more guards because he is getting some of his quickness back. We need Delvon to score more, I thought a few of those plays he could have just dunked it and scored for us.

    On facing Indiana head coach Tom Crean...

    I never like facing my assistants. I said that he is one of the guys I like playing against the least because I feel that so many of the banners up in the rafters are because of him as well. He was the first guy I hired when I got here and we had a goal to take the program to an elite level, and in that four-year period, I thought we did that. He's got a championship ring from us when we won it and I have a Final Four ring from him when he got there with Marquette. That speaks volumes for the respect that we have for each other, unfortunately, twice a year we have to compete. I don't think he likes it any more than I do. We worked countless hours together to get this program to where it is today and I have special respect for him.


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