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    Post-game Quotes Indiana vs. Wisconsin

    Go Hoosiers! D.J. White
    Go Hoosiers!
    D.J. White
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 13, 2008

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    Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

    Opening Statement:
    "Sometimes basketball is a game of breaks. There was a situation at the 16-second mark we probably needed a break there. Maybe not even a break. It wound up being a tie-up; could have been a travel. A travel, it is our ball you go down and you have the ball with the lead. Then we come back, they score, we go score. Then we come back and we have the lead again at the end of the game. We put Tone (Jamarcus Ellis) in there to guard (Marcus) Landry because we thought he was our best option in terms of getting a defensive rebound or a tip out. Wisconsin had, I think it was Landry and (Brian) Butch on the perimeter; some kind of hand off, the ball was bobbled. Butch picked it up and when it left his had I said ` well, that is going to hit high off the glass.' It hit the glass just right. Sometimes it is better to be luckier than good. It is a great break for Wisconsin and a tough break for us. Both teams played hard. Wisconsin has a really good team. But it hurts because it is a home game. The good thing is that we have been really good on the road, having won five of six."

    On not taking a timeout after the three-point basket:
    "I've done that both ways over the years. The argument is that if you do call a timeout there is chance for them to get their defense set, get the right guys on the court. Makes it a little bit tougher. We've done it both ways. I probably would have liked to have seen the ball in Eric or Armon's hands in that situation. Although Tone is not as good a shooter as those guys, he has the knack or reputation. We've seen him do it in practice and in games earlier in the season, hitting the big shot. He had a clean look. If he scores the basket, it is a good play. You didn't call a timeout, you got it up the court and got a good shot and it goes in. If it doesn't go in `why didn't you call the timeout?' I do the same thing to myself."

    On the play of Jason Bohannon:
    "You know, we did a great job on him in the second half. One of the things that we did in the second half was not switch. Jordan Crawford guarded him, as well as Armon Bassett. And the thing we did different in the second half was we didn't switch. We lost him a couple of times on switches. We over helped in the paint on penetration and their guards to a great job on kick outs. But the second half we did a much better job on him. The thing that really hurt us in the second half was offensive rebounds."

    On staying focused with five games in a week and a half:
    "I was little concerned about that tonight. We are in a stretch where we are playing a game every two days. We are coming off a tremendously emotional game on Thursday (at Illinois), arguably one of our better games of the year on Sunday (at Ohio State), and then we are playing a really tough-minded, really good Wisconsin team. I knew this would be a tough stretch. Looking back at the game I am not disappointed with our effort. The second half we came out and picked it up. We had so many opportunities to make the basket, just didn't get the lead from one to three or three to five. And we had the opportunity. And Wisconsin did it. They hung in there with the offensive rebounding."

    Senior Forward D.J. White

    On quickly responding after the three-point basket at the end of the game:
    "Yeah, we were stunned, of course. I've been in situations before where teams have had the game winner. But we pushed up the court and we got a shot off but it didn't fall."

    On his shots not falling in the second half:
    "My shots were there. They were basically the same shots I took in the first half. I just missed them. The shots I took, they were good shots; they just didn't fall."

    On whether or not Wisconsin guarded him differently in this game:
    "I don't think so. They really didn't double the post. I think they played the same way."

    On whether there have been any distractions for the team:
    "There has been nothing outside affecting the team. We are a family. We stick together through whatever. Tonight had nothing to do with anything; we just didn't win. That is the bottom line."

    Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan

    On the final possession and whether that was what was drawn up:
    "Everything but the bank, come on. That's one of the options. To be real honest, the ball ends up in Marcus' (Landry) hands. He was astute enough to drive what the guards usually do, and then Brian (Butch) is his throw-back guy, and Brian was there. Marcus was strong enough with the ball to get it to him.

    "Madison people have heard this story a thousand times. The first basket I make in high school when I was moved up to varsity was a bank shot from the top of the key. My coach runs to the scorer's table and tells them that it doesn't count because I didn't call it. Now you talk about relaxing a nervous sophomore coming up to varsity in Chester, Pa., in a packed house. I thought that was pretty funny that he relaxed me and I felt a lot better the next three years playing basketball.

    I did not do that with Brian. I told Brian in the locker room that they discounted it because he didn't call it and that we lost and the game was over. There was silence for two seconds and then somebody yelled `let's get on the plane.' And that was it."

    But that is part of one of the thing that a guy does off of a drive across the top. You have a stagger screen. ESPN had two of the three things off of it, I wasn't going to tell Jay Bilas the other three or four...there are a lot of different things that can happen, but we did not diagram the bank."

    On defending Indiana:
    "What are you going to do with Indiana when they can shoot the way they can from the outside. They busted the zone against Ohio State. So even when we help off of our man-to-man with zone principles, you still have to close out to a (Lance) Stemler, you have to close out to a (Eric) Gordon or anybody else. But fortunately, they were not on fire. They shot it kind of like we did against Purdue from three, and both of us were in our home gyms. And it ends up being our downfall the other night and it was their downfall tonight. Because they got to the line, we didn't.

    On the defense that forced the IU turnover late:
    "Brian hasn't been on the floor in some late game situations, which he knows. We don't talk about our players in a negative way at all. But our `good feet' team is on the floor a lot of times and with Brian, in that situation, he knows he wants to be on the floor in those cases. So Brian, okay, keep showing us that your feet are getting better. He wanted to show that his feet are getting better. So if I don't have Brian in the game towards the end like that because, kind of a weakness that he's had is not moving his feet, then he doesn't get to bank it. I don't think any of our other guys would have banked, I don't think it would have happened. Brian did a better job tonight of moving his feet."




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