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    Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. Michigan State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 16, 2010

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    Postgame Quotes
    Indiana vs. Michigan State
    Feb. 16, 2010

    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening statement:
    "One of the things with Michigan State is that I think they are one of the best passing teams in our league, especially their big guys. The key is that you have got to come and you have got to be aggressive defensively. They have no weaknesses at any positions and they have the depth and you just can't let them come down and get comfortable in how they want to play. We did some really good things aggressively. They got us in rotation a couple of times and again because of the passing of the bigs. I think that is what hurt us a little bit in the first half. They had 10 more field goals, but we had eight more free throws.

    "The game for us tonight was handoffs, drives, get on the glass, things of that nature. Every time we thought we were going to cut it and start to make a little dent, get a little momentum, Kalin [Lucas] would come back with a big shot. There is no question he is a next level player, an All-American, the whole deal. The bottom line with their team, they are really, really moving the basketball. I think that is what it is going to come down to separating in this league, because the best teams really do share the basketball. That's the best passing team and they made some other tough shots. In my mind we were threatening and in the team's mind they were threatening. Every time we did, they made a big play.

    "We did some positive things, obviously. You outrebound a team like that, I think that is a positive. We were 25-of-28 from the foul line. We were able to drive the ball. This completes five games in a 12-day stretch against four ranked teams. We will continue to learn from it. We will continue to work hard and we will continue to help our guys get better."

    On the depth of Michigan State:
    "They have great depth there is no question. You just have to keep playing the best way that you can. They had a lot of guys score. They are a great passing team."

    On what the team did right in the first 10 minutes:
    "We played very hard. We competed. That's what it's about. They have lot of spirit and toughness inside of them. They brought it. They really practiced that way. That's the bottom line."

    On the Michigan State bench:
    "They have a very good team. I am not surprised when anyone plays well at Michigan State. They don't get in the game if they are not capable. That's one of the strengths of this team year after year. He got some good players that were highly recruited who don't get in the games. You are never going to be in a situation with [Izzo] where you do have to earn your way in. I am never surprised when someone is in a game for him. I don't think he does a lot of things by trial and error and on a whim. He never has."

    On Devan Dumes bouncing back from being sick:
    "I was proud of him. He did a very good job. He was really locked in. I was concerned about him because yesterday he didn't feel good. Yesterday we pushed him. We had him in an individual workout. He went though practice. We went again last night. But he came out of it, it was good for him. That's exactly what we need from him."

    On rebounding:
    "There are pluses and minuses to any game. They are a great rebounding team and that's what we are going to become here."

    Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo

    Opening Statement:
    "I probably know Tom Crean better than anybody in this room and I was concerned about this game because I know what those guys probably did the last couple of days. From the warm-ups, I've never seen a team warm-up harder than they did. In that first half, I thought they played well and I thought we played ok.

    "We've done a great job of not turning the ball over and that's four now of the last six games. That was a big key for us. I think this team got condemned for effort, maybe by him, maybe by people. Yet I looked at it and I told my team that they're going to come out and play harder. They're going to rebound the ball and they outrebounded us by six. They played hard. They're missing a player or two. I saw [Maurice] Creek at the end of the game and I asked him how he could do that to my buddy by getting hurt. He laughed and I kind of laughed. His team's going to be better as they go because they've got some good pieces.

    "For us, I thought this was a workmanlike game. There was nothing flashy. We weren't great. We made some foolish fouls. They did a phenomenal job of getting to the line. They did a phenomenal job of making free throws. It was a team that was shooting in the sixties and they go 25-for-28 and that was a big difference, that and the rebounding.

    "I thought for the first time we got the ball inside a little bit more. We had some inside-out passes. I thought another big key was near halftime we were in so much foul trouble and we were up five or six and we put in some of our guys that haven't played a lot and we expanded it to 10. That was a big key, but that's the difference, maybe, in a program that's got some depth and that's one thing that we have."

    On Michigan State's overall team contributions:
    "I think we had 10 guys who scored and we had nine guys that played 11 minutes or more, and one guy played eight. Either give them credit or us blame. We made some foolish fouls. I knew they'd cut hard and I thought they hurt us on some of those shuffle cuts in the first half. We adjusted a little bit and finally got our bigs to step up and it helped a little bit. Their energy made us play different and we fouled a lot and that's was not good. So our depth really did help us."

    On Indiana dealing with adversity:
    "I've always been kind of an Indiana fan. When I came into the league and Bobby Knight was here, like a lot of guys, I idolized what he did and what he accomplished and the way he did it. I've gone through a couple of things since I've been lasting the longest in this league and I've watched at Michigan, I've watched at Minnesota, and now I'm watching at Indiana. When there are major catastrophic issues, whether it be academic or problems or whatever they are, it really decimates a program and it doesn't just bounce back like that. I mean if you looked at this team and added Creek to it, that's a big difference. You're talking about a guy who lost Kalin Lucas for two games and I'm not saying that those other teams played good too, but you look like a fish out of water and yet we have more depth than they do. When you lose a kid like Creek, who is their leading scorer, getting 16 or 17 a game, I just hope, because I've seen some mistakes made, that people understand that.

    "I think for the most part they've played extremely hard. They've had their one or two letdown games and he knows it and they know it, but people don't know all of a sudden that (Devan) Dumes isn't on the trip and (Verdell) Jones III has been sicker than a dog. To the average joe or to the alums, you just can't appreciate that unless you're with somebody. I'll say this and I've said it since the day he got the job, he'll get it turned. Look me in the eye, he'll get it turned. He'll get it done and he'll get it done sooner than most if you don't have the injuries and all the things that happened, but this team will bounce back. He'll build it for next year and that's what he's got to do. It doesn't come overnight, just look at those other programs. Sometimes it lasts for a long, long time. He'll get it built and done a lot faster."




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