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    Indiana vs. Purdue - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 16, 2013

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    Indiana vs. Purdue

    February 16, 2013

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement

    "Well I thought our team was asked enough let down questions. The human dynamic can sometimes play into it, but not today, not at all. Not with the way they are maturing, not with the way we feel about the rivalry with Purdue. It's a big, big deal. They're a great program, they have been for a long time. Matt (Painter) is not only one of best coaches in this league, but one of the best coaches in the country. There is no doubt about it. When you play against them, and coach against them, you've got to have a strategy for everything, you've got to have that great mindset. Our guys did that. I thought Christian Watford came in and not only got us going at a high level offensive but the job he did on A.J. Hammons was excellent. I mean really, really good. Our guys had memories of that game. They had seen the film. They had heard plenty enough about how A.J. had 30 points in the first game and all that. We came out and had a little different view point of how we were going to defend him. At the same time they are so great on the perimeter, that you can't be in a situation where you drop off at all on the Johnson brothers, (D.J.) Byrd, or Anthony Johnson.

    "I thought our guys did a great job. A lot of excellent basketball throughout the game, in the sense of continuing to push it up. Will Sheehey, that's why we consider him a starter, not doubt about that. I had no idea that he had a record, until J.D. (Campbell) told me, and I'm glad we took him out of the game them. I'm glad that he got it. That's something that he will always have, when it's a record for the school. He played outstanding. (Kevin) Yogi (Ferrell) consistent. Jordan (Hulls) consistent. Victor (Oladipo) was doing an excellent job in the game, before he injured his ankle, of letting the game come to him. Facilitating to his teammates. Cody (Zeller) just continues to do so many things. He commands so much attention on the court. He played very, very efficiently today. Scoring the ball, rebounding the ball, defending, helping, blocking shots. All the different things. I thought our team got better as the game went on. That's what you want as a coach. You want to continue to make adjustments that will make you better inside of the game. That's what they did. That was a huge win for us."

    On Christian Watford guarding A. J. Hammons:

    "The one thing we wanted to do was put him in a situation where we could get into his body a little bit better. Change up how we defended him. He got a couple buckets in the second half. We just wanted to be a little more aggressive. We wanted to be able to come off and help a little bit more with Cody. Christian really rose to the challenge. He can guard anybody. I'm glad that people are seeing that. He's got a toughness to him. He can make shots. He can get to the rim. He can make foul shots. But he can really, really defend. That's big. That's really huge. Will guarded him some. When you have guys like Christian, Will, Victor that are so multi-dimensional with what they do defensively, it gives you an opportunity to do so much. And really Cody, not just because he is 7-foot and is hard to score over, but because he can get down and guard people."

    On Will Sheehey's play today:

    "I had no idea that he had scored that many points. Usually I am somewhat tuned into that during the game. I usually have a fairly decent pulse of it, but today I didn't. He was just so active. Again, it's just a living example. Victor didn't really try to press, force, do anything in the first half that was out of character, out of context because other guys were making plays to the point that I was more concerned about it than he was. That's why he's such a great player. Here's a guy who is doing all these great things, getting all this attention, and he is just out there feeding his teammates and making plays. Will is the same way in the sense that he does so many things defensively. He is so locked in to helping his teammates. He literally could run our walk-throughs on the mornings before games. We've got some others that could to. But that just showed how locked in he was. He's got the edge, the personality. He has completely bought in to the fact that the he is a quality starter guy coming off the bench, and understands what the game is giving him when he goes in. He epitomizes a student of the game right now, when the game going on. When he gets in there, he just plays. He is really maturing because of that. But he was all over the place. Again, because he can guard so well, and he can guard so many different people. He is so active on defense that the activity carries over to offense. I think we are going to get better. There are definitely some things that we can improve on, and we are on our way to it today, and then Vic went down. There is a lot of room for improvement for this team. Guys like Will get that, and that's why they'll continue to improve, and play the way they did."

    Player Quotes

    Will Sheehey

    On setting a career high in points and a school record for most made field goals in a game without a miss:

    "Well I missed three free throws that were not very good. Besides that I felt good. My teammates found me. I thought I played pretty good defense. Like I said last game, if you play good defense your offense will come."

    On what it was like at halftime when they knew there was a chance Victor Oladipo wouldn't play in the second half:

    "I got excited because I got to play a little more. But no he's fine."

    On if he believes in getting in the zone:

    "Oh yeah no question but I think the guys who stay in the zone the longest are the best players. There's definitely a zone. If you see a couple of shots go through the hoop you know your confidence gets up a little bit. The guys that are the best are that when you're not shooting as well to get back into the zone."

    On if it's distracting or motivational not knowing the extent of a teammate's injury:

    "Well that's not the case here because I know what's wrong with Victor. When you don't know if someone's going to be out for a while or not, like we said next man up. We've been doing that since we got here. Injuries happen every year if they're minor or major so really just got to continue to have the next man up mindset."

    On if his mindset shifted at halftime knowing that he might be relied upon more:

    "I just try to stay aggressive regardless of what the situation is. That's just the way I am as a player. Some guys are different. The more minutes I get, the more opportunities I get and the more I'm going to try and stay aggressive and that's how it should be for everyone."

    On the shooting games that he, Victor Oladipo and Jordan Hulls play that Oladipo mentioned in a radio interview on Friday:

    "I win them all. We always plays and everyone thinks Jordan is the better shooter but realistically I win them all. We play different types of shooting games and what not, see who can make the most in a row and what not so that's about it."

    On if it means anything to set a career high against Purdue:

    "No. Not really. It's always a team effort. Guys have different career highs on different nights but feel like the play better. Everyone thinks that since you had a career high in points that means it was your best game ever played and I don't think that's the case. Really it's just a collective win and anytime you can beat your rival it's nice."

    On closing out games:

    "I just think we're smarter with the ball and not taking shots that you wouldn't take wouldn't take within the flow of the game knowing that the clock is at a certain point. Also, really just knowing the situation on defense as well, switching certain things because a lot of times at the end of games you play defense differently than you do at the start just with schemes and what not. I think we have a better understanding because we have a veteran team but we also have some young guys. I think as a collective whole we are better at closing games than we were."

    On if he has to be ready to get the ball from Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell:

    "Yeah. No question. If you get into his vision, he'll find you. That's the thing you've just got to continue moving without the ball and eventually the ball finds movement."

    Christian Watford

    On drawing the assignment of defending A.J. Hammons:

    "We tried to limit his touches and not let him get deep post-ups. My teammates did a great job of coming over and helping me if he did have me kind of buried in the post."

    On what it means to win four straight against Purdue after what happened his first two seasons at Indiana:

    "It means a lot. The first two years it was tough but anytime you can come back and win against your rival, especially the way we've been doing it, it feels pretty good."

    On if starting fast helps his game:

    "Oh yeah I think so. When I get a great start I end up playing better the entire game but my teammates did a great job of finding me and I got going early."

    Cody Zeller

    On if he's surprised at how physical the game got:

    "Not necessarily I mean it's the Big Ten. We are playing IU-Purdue it's going to be physical so I wasn't too surprised by it."

    On how pleased they were with their defensive effort:

    "I mean that's when we are at our best. That's a big emphasis for us defense and getting out in transition and turning it into offense. That's when we are at our best when we are playing defense and getting out and running."

    On if he likes the physical nature of the game:

    "Somewhat. I mean I'm playing in the Big Ten. I kind of signed up for it so you just kind of come to expect."

    On the play of Jordan Hulls and Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell and how they pass the ball where it needs to be:

    "We've just kind of come to expect it. They're definitely fun players to play with. They're always finding us whether it's me on a pick-and-roll or one of these guys on a pop so they can do a lot of good things and we're going to have to have them continue to play well."

    On Christian Watford defending A.J. Hammons:

    "It was great. He defends me sometimes in practice so he's used to guarding big guys so I knew he could do it. It kept me out of foul trouble. He did a nice job of it. I think he should do that every game now."

    On playing defense on the perimeter:

    "The same thing. Coach Crean always mixes up the defensive assignments in practice so sometimes I guard guards in practice. A lot of credit to him. It wasn't anything that I haven't seen before."

    Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter

    On is he is running out of ways to get his players to play hard:

    "There's no doubt you're frustrated, we just have to do a better job of maintaining that consistent effort. Sometimes its just a breakdown, sometimes it is effort, it's a little bit of everything. Then when you don't consistently shoot the basketball, when you do get a good shot and you don't knock it down. If you look at the four guys that started for us that shot the most, two-for-seven, three-for-ten, five-for-twelve, and two-for-eight. We had some good looks especially inside; we have to convert some of those. It gets very frustrating for them and it makes it worse. You throw on top of that you're playing the best team in the country; it's a recipe for disaster."

    On knowing they had to get off to fast start:

    "We talked about the last game, obviously they are a very good team but they score 44 points in transition and off the glass. Lets make them score in the half court and they've proven that they do score in the half court but not at the rate that they do off the glass and transition. They have 17 points on our 11 turnovers in the first half. I haven't seen what they had for the game because it doesn't matter. You just can't turn the ball over 11 times on the road vs. a team like that and expect to have success."

    On if he was trying to send a message by starting Sandi Marcius and Jacob Lawson to start the second half:

    "I just thought that they played harder and you can't coach effort at times. When you get a young team and you talk about it, you have to play hard every single night and you have to be focused. You're not young in February when those guys have played a lot. You know its, you can't use that as an excuse, I just thought that those two guys gave us more energy then the other guys playing."

    On how Christian Watford guarding A.J. Hammons was effective

    "No matter who was going to guard Hammons we're going to get him the basketball. We have to get him to be consistent and be able to finish plays. He's not been an offensive guy really in the past and now we're trying to establish him as low post presence. He's just got to be able to convert some things. We have to do a better job of getting him involved and he's got to do a better job of holding his position. They did a good job; they were going to use Cody (Zeller) to come over and double him a little bit and block his shot. We have to a better job of helping him and he's got to do a better job of being ready to play."

    On how Hammons did not score until the 13 minute mark:

    "That's what I talked about in the first game; he scored a lot of points in the first game against Indiana after the game, score when it counts. We need him to be able to start games and establish that low post presence."

    On what makes Indiana so much better this year than last:

    "They've been good, they have better players than they've had in the past that helps. The thing that is better this year is that they're a better defensive team. They weren't a good defensive team before, they do different things, and they mix defenses. A lot of times when you mix defenses you never get good at one thing. I think he's been really smart in sticking with his man to man. (Victor) Oladipo is a difference maker because you can put him on a lot of different people. Across the board they are just a better defensive team, and you could argue that they're the best offensive team in the country, it's a pretty good mix."




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