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    Michigan State at Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 17, 2008

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    Michigan State vs. Indiana
    Postgame Quotes
    Feb. 16, 2008
    Indiana Head Coach Kelvin Sampson
    Opening Statement:
    "Obviously, to beat a team like Michigan State the way we did tonight, you have to do some things pretty good. I thought our execution on offense was at a really good level. Our defense was outstanding. Kyle Taber and DeAndre (Thomas) in the middle of the zone was really good. We had a hard time that first four, five minutes of getting them (Michigan State) stretched. Once we got them stretched we had Eric (Gordon) and Jordan (Crawford) and Armon (Bassett) running in and out of screens. And we took advantage of being in the 1-and-1 with Eric. Once we got to the bonus, we wanted him to drive it and get to the free throw line.

    "Losing D.J. (White) when we did, you are just not quite sure how the team will react because he's our captain and he's our leader. But I can't tell you how proud I am of this young man sitting to my right (DeAndre Thomas). He deserves a lot of credit for keeping his attitude at a high level and having confidence and believing in himself. When he got his opportunity he was right there. Jordan just continues to get better. I think he has a chance to be an all-conference guard.

    "But I think one of the things we have improved on as the year has gone on is limiting our turnovers. We don't make the mistakes that we had been. It was a good win. I am really proud of our effort tonight. Winning the game is important, but I really liked the way we played."

    On what his last 30 hours have been like:
    "I spent most of the morning (Friday) watching tape on Michigan State. Worked Armon Bassett out for about 35 minutes. I tried not to watch too much Wisconsin tape. I was still upset about certain things in that game. I can only control things I can control and that is what I focused on."

    On whether this game meant a lot to him:
    "Yes, I think so. But, you know, the game is about these kids. I think basketball is so much bigger than one person. The game will always be about the players. I am happy for them. That was a tough loss the other night. I mean, it was. Come back tonight, it is just a great win for those kids. You just can't go anywhere and people not see the situation."

    On the status of D.J. White:
    "I think D.J. is going to get an MRI tomorrow. We'll know more about his knee hopefully by the time we get to practice. Dr. Rink does not think that it is ligaments. He thinks the structure is solid. But I think when a kid gets a knee injury he is usually a little afraid. D.J. was afraid a little bit at halftime. He said `coach, it doesn't feel right.' The doctors said we should hold him out and I said `absolutely.' That kid is too valuable."

    Freshman Guard Jordan Crawford

    On his reaction to the crowd's enthusiasm:
    "It was great. The fans, they really love IU basketball. I was happy for them chanting the names; showing they were into the game and helping us win the game. I heard everything, but I had to get back to business and play defense."

    On the team staying focused this week:
    "We are family. You can't get between the family. Coach comes in, works us out and we practice just like we have been doing all season."

    On what he was thinking when D.J. White was injured:
    "I thought I just have to play smart and do whatever I can to help the team win. He is our best rebounder, so now all five of us have to make sure we go in there and rebound."

    On facing Purdue:
    "We are going to prepare for them like we are preparing for all the other teams in the Big Ten. We are going to go out, work hard, study everything they do and play Tuesday."

    Junior Forward DeAndre Thomas

    On his reaction when D.J. White left the game with an injury:
    "I've got to play now. I was a little worried because he is our captain and we are behind him 100 percent. If something happens to him, something happens to all of us. We just have to pick the load up when he goes down since he is our best rebounder and he is the best player in America. When he went down, we just had to pick things up, especially on my part. The only thing coach told me was that you have to go rebound."

    On playing with three fouls for most of the game:
    "They (the coaches) kept putting in my ear that `Dre, you have three fouls, play smart.' I went in there and did what I had to do."

    On facing Purdue:
    "They are just another team. We just have to go in and prepare and play hard and focus on Tuesday."

    Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo Quotes

    On the team's interior defense:
    "We were better off with (D.J.) White in the game. It seemed like when he went out we were 11 up and when he came back they were cutting it a little bit. He went out again we were still three up and (DeAndre) Thomas just killed us in there. The game still comes down to, even though our interior defense wasn't very good, in the first half we shot 60 percent and gave up four baskets on breakaway dunks because of the 12 turnovers. (Jamarcus) Ellis hit two threes and he hit two threes all Big Ten season. Those two things made a big difference. We were not going to turn it over in the second half and we started out with three turnovers in a row. It is inexcusable and if I were a Michigan State fan I would be very disappointed in the coach because I keep saying the same thing and it doesn't change."

    On his team's toughness:
    "We have a couple soft guys, as I have been telling you all year. That hasn't changed whether we are winning or losing. We could have cut that thing to nine if (Drew) Neitzel makes the layup. They hit some shots, too. Give (Jordan) Crawford some credit, he hit some shots. Gordon hit some deep threes....It still comes down to the turnovers. You can't win with 19 turnovers."

    On the team's turnovers:
    "It (the game) changed with a turnover. They had four breakaway layups off those turnovers. That's eight points. They shot 56 percent in the first half, 16-of-29. If you take away the layups, they are 12-of-25. Turnovers make a big difference. This has not been a problem that has gone away. I'm really disappointed about it."

    On getting a balanced attack:
    "We do have to get everybody more balanced. (Raymar) Morgan was in foul trouble and we need (Goran) Suton against the zone, but he kept turning it over. He had three turnovers in a five-minute span. You just can't have that happen. We were a little dysfunctional out there and I'm just embarrassed the way we played to be honest with you. Give Indiana credit, they played well. They made some tough shots. With layups that you turn it over on break your back. Defensively, I don't think we could have done a better job the first 12 minutes. We played our tail off, we covered everything. Then boom, boom, boom - two or three turnovers led to dunks or layups."




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