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    Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. Minnesota

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 20, 2010

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    Indiana Postgame Quotes
    Indiana vs. Minnesota
    February 20, 2010

    Head Coach Tom Crean:

    On falling behind early:
    "It was 12-9 and we get into the pick-and-roll defense, we play it the way we are supposed to play it, and we don't get back to the shooter in time. (Damian) Johnson hits a three and then we get beat off the dribble, and all of a sudden it is 17-9. We kept fighting. We just have to do a better job of really getting up into shooters. If you looked at this game and Blake Hoffarber, who is one of the top shooters in the country, is going to have six in this game and five the first time we played them and is 0-for-1 (from three-point range), you wouldn't think that you are getting beat like this in a game."

    On getting after in defensively:
    "We have to do a better job of really getting up into people, and at the same time we have to hold our own and guard the dribble better. We gave up too much penetration and we gave up too many shots. I keep telling these guys I'm not looking at this game right now from a positional standpoint. I'm looking at this game from an energy standpoint and who goes and gives us the best heart and hustle and desire. For a lot of the time tonight that is what we did. We had a lot of mismatches and they took advantage of them. I refuse to play in a situation where we are not going to give everything we have and we are going to play scared or a little timid. We can't do that."

    On the passing in the second half:
    "We got some good looks that didn't go down. In the second half we moved the ball better than we have all season. We didn't always get it to go down, but we got some great looks, we moved the basketball, and we figured out that is the way we really have to play. That was a positive tonight."

    On the team's effort:
    "We kept coming at them. I thought we continued to fight. We had some tough situations. We had Jeremiah Rivers guarding their 4-man. I didn't think there was a time that they could deal with our speed. Even though they had a lead that we never chipped into, we were able to get some things going and we got some confidence, which was the most important part of the night for us."

    On believing in his team:
    "I believe in them. I told them after the game there is a big difference between hope and belief. I don't hope the program is coming back, I believe that it will and I believe in those guys. I also told them that if we don't get better defensively and they can't do a better job of guarding their man, guarding the dribble and getting up into shooters, they are not going to be a part of this moving forward. I don't have any patience for lack of getting up into people defensively. I understand when we don't have a matchup right or the athleticism in a certain area, but I do not understand when we don't have the heart and the desire. That is what we have to get established right now. They are never going to look over at me and think that I don't believe in them, and they are never going to look over at me and think that I've given up on them."




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