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    Indiana vs. Minnesota Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 21, 2007

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    Indiana vs. Minnesota
    Postgame quotes
    Feb. 21, 2007

    Senior guard Errek Suhr
    On his defense:
    "Tonight in a couple situations we really just needed a stop. Taking charges is just about position and doing what is best for the team. I'm not going to jump up and block anybody so if I am in position I'll take a charge."

    Head Coach Kelvin Sampson
    On the game:
    I thought our defense was really good the last seven or eight minutes. We rebounded the ball at both ends. Our defense was good. Minnesota has some kids that can score. (Dan) Coleman and Lawrence (McKenzie) can score the ball and they have scored the ball all year on just about everybody. This time of the year we're 8-5 and 18-8 and we put it in the back pocket and move on."

    On the bench:
    "The bench was good tonight. Joey Shaw played tougher tonight and had a purpose to his game. Our bench gave us some good minutes tonight, which is good to see. It was good to end the game with Lance (Stemler) making a shot, too."

    On substitution patterns:
    "It is not necessarily decided, some of that is spontaneous. You go in thinking who is ready to play. I like the way that Ben (Allen) has been practicing and you can tell he is getting some confidence. I like the way Lance (Stemler) has been practicing. You don't have to make a basket to help your team; there are a lot of ways to contribute to a basketball team. Lance, Ben, and Mike (White) all have their moments. There is a difference in knowing your role and accepting your role. We are going along here and some nights they can play less and sometimes it is hard to adjust to that. If a guy is playing good, I'm not taking him out unless it's to rest him. The first half is when you get kids in and sometimes the least six or seven minutes dictate substitutions, but early in the game it's good to get a lot of guys in the game."

    On the Minnesota offense:
    "I think the difference in our defense from the first to second half was that we were pressuring them so hard. After the catch they were drawing contract on penetration so at halftime we tried to relieve pressure and work on containment. They only went to the line seven times in the second half. We cut off the driving lane better. They went to the free throw line 15 times in the first half and that was the equalizer."

    On Ben Allen's play:
    "I'm happy for Ben in regards to confidence. Ben has worked really hard and he's put a lot of time, it's almost a transformation for him in some respects. He has played the perimeter his whole life. The best thing Ben did tonight was post defense. His confidence is going to get going and it might be next year before he feels totally comfortable. It's just like Armon (Bassett) in the sense that we would like to have Earl (Calloway) in there. I think our team would have been a lot different against Michigan and we would have been different tonight with Earl. Sometimes you have to take lessons when they come and the blessing is that Armon is getting to play point now."




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