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    Indiana vs. Northwestern Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 25, 2009

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    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:

    "I'll never accepted it and I never have, but this was bound to happen at some point with this team. We've asked a lot of them. A majority of theses guys would be redshirting on most any Division I program. I shouldn't say most, but the high quality level to get that year to get their bodies right, to get stronger and all those kinds of things, to learn the college game. We are asking a lot of guys that have never done this before and it showed up tonight in a big way. There is nothing to hang our hat on tonight. It is just part of it.

    "I've said the old quote, I don't know who phrased it, but I put it up in the locker room: `tough times never last, tough people do.' I've tried to make it not a choice to see where you are at on a daily basis and to build that toughness and things like that. It is not my choice; it is an individual choice. Right now the best thing we can all do is understand what our record is, but never come in here and act like it is that way. I know I'll never coach that way. I have a staff that will never coach that way. And I want a group of young men that will never feel that way. But it has to change.

    "There are so many things we have to get better at. And we've known that all year. But the steam is running dry right now. We've just got to continue to focus on getting these guys better every step of the way. And continue to do everything we can do to make the foundation strong and thorough and long lasting. And develop players and build for the future.

    "We do not have a defensive mindset and we are trying to do everything we possibly know how to build that. Hopefully we can continue to get closer to that over the next few weeks. That has to be the foundation of the program. There are three things I learned a long time ago from Ralph Willard that you want to establish in your program when you first take over : work ethic, style of play and enthusiasm. Our fans have taken care of the enthusiasm. They've been unbelievable. Our work ethic is coming. Our style of play... it's not here yet. Style of play has a lot to do with how you defend. Our lack of physicalness and our lack of aggressiveness in body-on-body was found out tonight. That is why we had so much trouble attacking the zone. (Northwestern) is a good basketball team. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them in the NCAA Tournament.



    "There is no way we will sit back and accept. It. I know we are going to work on a daily basis to do something about everything and see where it leads us."

    On struggling in the lane after having success early:

    "I think it has a lot to do with us. And don't take that wrong. They are a good basketball team. We got beat by our own mindset as much as anything else tonight. We stopped being real aggressive. I think that is why you saw there were no foul shots to speak of . You have to post a zone the way you post a man. You have to get into bodies and you have to reverse the basketball. We are not nearly as aggressive as we need to be. We just weren't physical enough. We didn't demand the ball enough."

    On the team being fatigued this late in the season:

    "I think it is far more mental than physical. There is no question about that. Look at the guy that was probably the skinniest, weakest guy of this playing group, Verdell Jones. And other than tonight, where it wasn't a great game for him, he is getting pull ups, he is making plays in the Big Ten. We talk about that a lot. We come back in here last night, they think we are going to practice and they go to a movie. We are trying to do things...they are good kids. They really are. There is no question they are mentally drained. But we can't stop working. We have to balance a very tight rope on building that foundation for how this is going to be, and at the same time trying to get the most out of every person we can get. And I don't want to back that off; I am not going to. They are going to get coached every day. We'll see how it plays out."

    On adding team manager Mike Santa to the roster:

    "He brings a lot to the table on a daily basis. This is part of what makes Indiana special. You look at what these managers are doing throughout the country. I learned so much about that at the reunion. It is a special deal to be a manager here. Those guys come out here and they work. We hold them to a pretty high standard. Those guys come in and make it more competitive for our guys. They try and help provide that. I didn't do this as a reward. That is what I want us to be about. That is the kind of toughness and spirit and do anything he can possibly do. He didn't know until yesterday he was going to do this. And I didn't know until Monday. We have great kids in there. Those managers are great kids."

    On Kyle Taber's development on offense:

    "He has certainly been the beneficiary of getting a lot of quality minutes and he is getting better all the time. I think he epitomizes what you want this program to embody right now. His knees aren't good... (trainer) Tim Garl was telling me how many knee surgeries he had his first year here. There have probably been a lot of times that kid had 36 career points, could have packed it in. He continues to play and work and had a career high. We don't want to leave home without him. We need him in there. He has made improvements. Is it the improvements we would want all the But he is giving everything that he's got. That is what I want the program to be about."

    Northwestern head coach: Bill Carmody

    Opening Statement:
    "I didn't know starting out the game we'd get blown out at Minnesota a few nights ago. I really didn't know what to expect from the team. From the start, they jumped all over us just like they had the first time we played them down in Evanston. Indiana really came to play. It seemed like we were getting settled down for maybe about ten minutes into the game and then we gradually crept back in it. I think the second half, I'm sure if I look at the tapes, I will see that they had some pretty good looks and missed them and we had some looks and knocked them down. I'm just happy our guys bounced back. I know Indiana is going through some tough times. They fought their tails off. I `m happy to get a win. I'm proud of our guys coming back after that blow out a few nights ago."

    On whether he knew this was Northwestern's first win in Assembly Hall:
    "No, I just found out about it. We hadn't won here, really? My graduate guy just told me that. But, I'm glad we got a win."

    On whether you were trying to get Coble going in the second half:
    "We didn't do anything special. He's been ill. He didn't play well the other night. Maybe I shouldn't have played him. He was still coughing. I had him in and out a bunch of times. In the second half he made a couple of nice drives in there. That helped us and it seemed like a lot of different guys came through. There was a nice balance of scoring."

    On Craig Moore in the second half:
    "I took him out the second half. He's always ready to play, but sometimes I think he has a little too much energy. I didn't think we were going to win that game. We were down twenty five or something. He wasn't focused, but tonight he was focused. That's real important to us."


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