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    Go Hoosiers! Armon Bassett
    Go Hoosiers!
    Armon Bassett
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 26, 2008

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    Interim Head Coach Dan Dakich

    Opening Statement:
    "I think our team showed what it is about. It is a resilient team. D.J. (White), back on IV's; he's had the flu. He is hurting, down a little bit of weight. Armon (Bassett) cramping then to play the way he played. Lance (Stemler) made a big play, a big tip in which is what he has been doing. We got up early, played really well, and you kind of figured it wasn't going to be that way the whole game. Big Ten games are tough, they are close; they are hard-fought. I am really proud of our guys. This is about our guys and I am really proud of how they played, how they competed and how they went about winning a basketball game."

    On the team being fatigued:
    "Yeah, they are really fatigued. We are going to take tomorrow off and might just have them shoot around on Thursday opposed to doing anything because of how fatigued I think they are. They're warriors now."

    On the game feeling different:
    "You know, for 10 years I looked out a window in my office hoping that cars were pulling into the parking lot so there would be a crowd at Bowling Green games. I would count them. So it was different to walk out there and there were 17,000 people and I wasn't holding up signs. But, not really. You would think it would, but I have been doing this for 10 years, 30 games a year. It is exciting it is my alma mater. The surrounding things are unique but in terms of the game itself, not really."

    On the play of Armon Bassett:
    "The only thing I have said to him is that we are really good when you are aggressive because I think he is a really good player. It is a time of year when guys step up, fall back and he is in the gym a lot. He is working hard. I just think he is playing really hard. I think he's put himself as a leader on both ends, both offensively and defensively. I think he is being aggressive."

    On getting the team to play on the run more:
    "I don't know that's changed. I have an emphasis on it because I think we're good that way. I think we're very good open floor players. I don't do much with my life but watch film. So I watch all kinds of games and when we get the ball and we are in transition, you have Eric and Jordan and Armon and Tone (Jamarcus)...those guys are pretty good. That is all I talked about is just let's go up the floor, let's run. It's not any different. Coach Sampson did that as well."

    On coaching at his alma mater:
    "I am aware that Indiana fans love, live and die with basketball. No question. I am also aware that Indiana fans are hurting about that. I am appreciative, always have been appreciative, of the fans. So I did think about that when I was walking off, about how great this place is and how wonderful these people are. Acknowledging people, more or less, is just the polite thing to do. I get embarrassed; I mean people are clapping for me and what do you do, put your head down? Nothing hard about that really, you say thanks."

    Freshman Guard Eric Gordon
    On struggling from the field:
    "I went 4-for-16, I couldn't hit anything. Good thing Armon (Bassett) hit a lot of big shots for us throughout the game. As long as we get a win, that is fine, but it was kind of frustrating not hitting my shots.
    "I just need to get in the gym and shoot more. I did a couple of other things that were pretty good; I got a couple of assists and rebounded a lot better than I usually do."

    On things settling down with the team:
    "We just have to keep on playing. I thought we played pretty good tonight, we just let up toward the end. We just have to keep on playing; we have a tough game next game."

    Junior Guard Armon Bassett
    On his game tonight:
    "I've just been trying to attack. I thought for a minute there maybe I was sacrificing too much and letting my aggressiveness go away. That is what I have been trying to do, play aggressive and still stay in the team mode."

    On when teams focus on Eric Gordon and D.J. White:
    "That is where I step in. They put too much focus on those two, that is when I can step in and that's when Jordan (Crawford) is good and goes for 20, Jamarcus (Ellis) can score points, DeAndre (Thomas)...that is when other weapons come in, when they start focusing on them."

    On changes in the game plan:
    "He (Coach Dakich) kind of emphasizes the run more. He told us we are about the best team playing fast that he has ever been around. That is the only thing he changed...not changed but tries to emphasize that in the open court we are pretty tough. Other than that it is still the same style..."

    Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta

    Opening Statement:
    "We got off to such a bad start for whatever reason and the rebounding got us. I thought our guys, where we are right now, asking them to stay together in this environment tonight, I was very pleased how they continued to fight. We didn't play perfect down the stretch. We put ourselves in a position to have a shot to win the game. The tip-in by (Lance) Stemler and the tip-in by (Eric) Gordon were huge. And (Armon) Bassett hit the three down in the corner.

    "Our guys, coming off Sunday's game and having a day to turnaround and play in this environment, I thought they fought. They will get a day off tomorrow and then go back to work and get ready for Minnesota."

    On the difference between their play in the first half and second half:
    "We made some of the open looks that we had. I thought we got Kosta (Koufas) down low and he did a very nice job of finishing. We would change a couple things if we could play them again. We did a better job of moving the basketball. And quite honestly, we were getting stops, which enabled us to get out and there was more movement where we were trying to go with it."

    On whether he feels good about the effort after this loss compared to some other losses this season:
    "I haven't felt real good all year. But I do, honestly. With this team and hard as they played on Sunday, to come back yesterday...and I've said this all year, they are great guys. That's why I feel so bad, because these guys are such great young men. At some point, we have to catch a break somewhere and something has to go right for us.

    "I don't feel awful, I thought we competed. The adjustments that we made, the guys were able to execute them, so I do feel a little better."

    On if they would have been able to take a lead a couple times in the second half would have given them the confidence to comeback:
    "I hope so. You are at that stage where there has to be a play made. Indiana made the plays tonight, please don't take anything away from them. They have a great basketball team, and they got the tip-ins and hit the three in the corner. I think that was the big difference there."




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